[UEH Sharing – Career Fair 2024] Workshop Series on Career Orientation and Practical Integration Skill Cultivation For Students (March 29-31)

4 April, 2024

Within the framework of the UEH SHARING – CAREER FAIR 2024 from March 29 – 31, 2024 along with activities helping candidates learn regarding  the market and connect with employers, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) organized a series of meaningful seminars and workshops with diverse topics to assist young human resources in preparing necessary skills for the digital world.

With practical themes, career orientation, and digital skill cultivation for students, from March 29-31, 2024, the seminar and workshop series organized by UEH has received great attention from many UEHers and young people in HCMC due to its valuable and highly applicable topics.

Career Talk: Thriving in the Workplace: Navigate Your Path to Success

Understanding the concerns and worries of students regarding the real working environment in advance of officially participating in the labor market, the session “Thriving in the Workplace: Navigate Your Path to Success” was held in the UEH Sharing – Career Fair 2024 to bring students useful information and valuable experiences drawn from experiences of experts from AIA Vietnam.

The Career Talk attracted the attention of nearly 300 students, under a comfortable and fun atmosphere, where experts as seniors were willing to share their working experiences as well as providing realistic advice on important skills that candidates need before entering businesses. Coming to the program, students not only listen to real stories and solutions to common problems in the workplace but also are able to question future career orientations, especially in the insurance field.

Workshop “Balancing physical and mental health to adapt to digital life”

In an increasingly developed digital age, maintaining a balance between physical and mental health is of great concern to many young people. Physical health is a firm foundation for a healthy body and a condition facilitating a flexible, creative, and sustainably developed mind.

The Workshop “Balancing physical and mental health to adapt to digital life” helped students update their knowledge about the body as well as creating habits of physical exercises combined with nutritious eating to improve physical, mental, and social health, forming a beautiful and healthy lifestyle.

Workshop on “Product development – New career trends in the technology economy”

In an economy that is increasingly shifting strongly towards technology application, the role of Product Manager (PM) – Product Management Specialist has become an indispensable job trend, making an important contribution to the success of technology businesses. However, the overview of career choice, especially in the digital age, has concerned candidates. With a desire to provide more information about the field and profession, attendees of the UEH Sharing – Career Fair 2024 series had the opportunity to meet a UEH alumnus, Ms. Dinh Vu Bao Ngan – Product Owner at a technology unicor company – Momo at the Workshop “Product development – New career trends in the technology economy” .

Through the workshop, candidates explored the challenging and creative world of a Product Manager: from defining product vision and developing strategy to interacting with technical and marketing teams to put ideas into practice, helping them better visualize the journey of a Product Manager while motivating students passionate regarding this profession to continue improving themselves, and firmly stepping on their future career path.

English workshop “Design your life crossing border”

The workshop series of career orientation and practical integration skill cultivation for students ended with the workshop “Design your life crossing border” by Dr. Christopher Han.

Innovation is the “principle” for anyone who has, is and will enter the complex and constantly changing labor market. With 24 years of experience working with global companies in Silicon Valley and Asia, Dr. Christopher Han shared useful knowledge and new perspectives with the students, helping them get out of the “conventional” way of thinking, discover their hidden values, and be ready to adapt and develop in the future.


Career Talk programs: Thriving in the Workplace: Navigate Your Path to Success, “Balancing physical and mental health to adapt to digital life”, “Product development – New career trends in the technology economy”, and the English Workshop “Design your life crossing border” are activities designed for students in the UEH SHARING – CAREER FAIR 2024 series taking place from March 25 to 31 2024. The program was a place to connect the business community, exercise social responsibility, spread multidisciplinary knowledge values, and provide more than 5,000 high-quality job opportunities for a sustainable future. The series of events organized by the University combines live forms at UEH Nguyen Tri Phuong campus and online on the event.ueh.edu.vn platform; vieclam.ueh.edu.vn.

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