UEH Special Issue: Towards a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University

25 October, 2021

UEH 45-year UEH of establishment and development, 45 years of creating intellectual values, contributing to the community and society, writing our name on the world’s education ranking map. This 45-year-history results from the crystallization of the unceasing efforts, solidarity and consensus of UEH leadership, of individual Faculty, Institute, Division, Department, Units and generations of officials and learners. Celebrating this brilliantly glorious 45-year mark, let all UEHers look back and be grateful for the proud history that we have passed towards a new aspirational journey with practical values ​​called “Multidisciplinary and sustainable UEH University” so as to carry out side-by-side the mission of Connecting the community – Spreading knowledge – Sustainable development.

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UEH Special Issue 45th Anniversary Celebration (October 27th, 1976 – October 27th, 2021): Towards Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University