UEH Conducts Accreditation Of Nine Study Programmes By FIBAA Standards

30 June, 2023

Implementing the Internationalization Strategy of training and teaching activities since 2014, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has implemented UEH’s Advanced Study programmes to quickly approach the regional level and close to the world’s elite higher education. Since then, the innovation and timely update and improvement of the quality of UEH’s study programmes have contributed to enhancing international prestige, strengthening UEH’s brand, improving educational capacity to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign labor markets. 

Accreditation of study programmes is a mandatory requirement for Vietnamese higher education institutions. Accreditation results are not only an important basis for contributing to improvement, improving quality and demonstrating accountability but also a condition for exercising the autonomy of the institution. With the internationalization strategy, UEH advocates the implementation of quality assessment and accreditation according to international standards, and has selected the accreditation agency FIBAA (Federal Republic of Germany) as a partner for the period 2020-2025.

In 2022, UEH has been awarded FIBAA Quality Seals for institutional accreditation and programme accreditation of five training programmes. In 2023, UEH conducts a re-accreditation procedure of four study programmes that have been accredited by FIBAA for 2017-2022 and an initial accreditation of another five study programmes. The re-accreditation programmes include two bachelor programmes, International Business and Business Administration (talented bachelors), two master’s degree programmes, Business Administration (managed by ISB) and Development Economics (Vietnam-Netherlands programme). The new accreditation programmes include five bachelor programmes such as Auditing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, E-commerce, Economic Law and International Business Law.

After the period of Self-evaluation submit and registration for accreditation with FIBAA, UEH welcomed FIBAA experts and project managers to onsite visit conference for the accreditation of nine study programmes  from June 6 to 7, 2023. The three FIBAA expert panels consisted of 16 professors, associate professors, experts in related disciplines from seven European universities in Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Austria), three representatives from businesses companies in Germany and Finland), student representatives of Germany and the Netherlands), three Vietnamese experts and three FIBAA project managers, lead by Ms. Friderike Uphoff.

On the UEH side are is Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong – Chairman, Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – President and all members of UEH leaders, leaders of UEH’s Colleges, leaders of Schools, programme directors and administrators of management units.

Opening remarks, Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh warmly welcomed the FIBAA experts’ panels and expressed his hope that the onsite visit would work fairly, objectively and contribute valuable opinions to help UEH continuously improve the quality of the university’s study programmes.

Image of the Opening Session

As planned, the external assessment team conducted a study of the evidence dossier, discussed, exchanged, worked and interviewed all stakeholders. The delegation also visited the school’s facilities at Campus B 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, and Vinh Long Campus.

The delegation visited the facilities and practical activities at UEH and Vinh Long Campus

After two official working days on June 7, 2023, the closing ceremony of the obsite visit conference was held at UEH. At the ceremony, experts representing each cluster of study programmes accreditation in turn presented the official preliminary results. The report has identified the strengths, limitations and recommendations for each standard including Objectives, Enrollment, Programme Structure, Curriculum Content, Learning Environment and Quality Assurance.

On behalf of UEH, Prof. Dr. Su Dinh Thanh, the President thanked FIBAA and all members of the onsite visit for working very seriously, actively studying the dossier, coordinating with relevant units in the University to be able to make objective evaluation and judgments, validate the strengths and weaknesses in the process of operating and developing study programmes. The President affirmed that UEH especially appreciates and will seriously accept the suggestions and recommendations so that it can continue to promote its strengths, overcome the limitations and have an action plan and programme to further improve the educational quality of the University in the coming time.

At the end of the ceremony, the two sides agreed on the contents presented in the preliminary results and coordinated well to complete the official accreditation of nine study programmemes in 2023.

Image of the Closing Session

Accreditation activities with FIBAA for nine programmes in June 2023 are of particular interest to the UEH community. The results of quality accreditation activities are the basis for UEH to constantly improve the activities of building, managing and operating the study programmes by international standards. The FIBAA’s accreditation will significantly contribute to UEH development towards the goal of becoming a multidisciplinary and sustainable university in the coming period.

Photos of the FIBAA’s activities at UEH:

News, photos: Department of Quality Assurance and Program Development, Department of Marketing and Communication