The Success of UEH Sharing – Career Fair 2024: Nearly 6 Billion VND Contributed to Future Generations, Connecting More Than 5,000 Job Opportunities

4 April, 2024

From March 25 – 31, 2024, UEH SHARING – CAREER FAIR 2024 took place successfully, opening the journey of “Connecting the community – Spreading knowledge – Sustainable action 2024” of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH). Aiming to carry out social responsibility for the development of future generations, the program received the sponsorship of many businesses and partners with nearly 6 billion VND contributed and more than 5,000 job opportunities reaching workers.

Overview of the UEH Sharing – Career Fair 2024, opening the journey “Connecting the community – Spreading knowledge – Sustainable action 2024”

Nearly 6 billion VND accompanying the journey “Connecting the community – Spreading knowledge – Sustainable action 2024”

UEH Sharing – Career Fair 2024 took place successfully from March 25 – 31, 2024. This is the opening activity for UEH’s journey “Connecting the community – Spreading knowledge – Sustainable action 2024”.

Since its launch, the program has received the attention and participation of many businesses and contributed nearly 6 billion VND to accompany the program to achieve new goals, which include:

● Nurturing and supporting young talents with 300 “Talent Development” scholarships and 300 “Dream Wings” scholarships;

● Facilitating talented lecturers and students to participate in international seminars and academic programs;

● Upgrading modern facilities and equipment, aiming for a learning environment that meets international standards, building a UEH Campus in Nha Trang;

● Spreading research articles, applied knowledge, incubation activities, innovative start-ups, and knowledge transfer from researchers and experts of UEH and partners to the community, jointly solving current social problems.

● Implementing projects to serve the community, zero-waste schools, green schools – UEH Green Campus, digital transformation in education – UEH Global Learning.

Awarding medals to honor businesses and organizations accompanying UEH “Community Connection – Spreading Knowledge – Sustainable Action 2024” 

Delegates performing the launching ceremony of the Program “Community Connection – Spreading Knowledge – Sustainable Action 2024”

UEH signing a cooperation agreement with Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB), United Overseas Bank (Vietnam) Limited, and Dong Luc Vietnam Joint Stock Company, opening cooperation opportunities between the school and enterprises in operation of the program Community Connection – Spreading Knowledge – Sustainable Action in 2024

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – Director of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City – remarked: “Setting our responsibility in the sustainable development of future generations, since its establishment in 1976 until becoming a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University today, UEH has always strived and strongly committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society and education. Through the Program “Connecting the Community – Spreading Knowledge – Sustainable Action” with the start of 2024 being the UEH SHARING – CAREER FAIR, the school has become a bridge connecting the business community, partners, and individuals to make realistic contributions to educational and social activities. On behalf of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, I would like to sincerely thank businesses and partners and hope that the efforts we are making will be increasingly replicated, bringing positive values. Together, we will give and receive, helping the value of knowledge to go further for the sustainable development future of the community and society.”

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh expressing  his gratitude to partners and businesses who have accompanied UEH in implementing social responsibility on the new journey

UEH receiving the contribution sheets and presented Gratitude Letters to representatives of partners, businesses, organizations, and individuals who committed to accompanying the program “Connecting the Community – Spreading Knowledge – Sustainable Action 2024” 

Providing more than 5,000 job opportunities for the young generation

With nearly 50 reputable businesses having booths for recruitment in the fields of Banking – Finance – Insurance, Securities, Accounting, Auditing, Consulting, Consumer Goods – Food, Technology – E-commerce, Construction – Real Estate, Trade – Import-Export – Logistics, Manufacturing – Raw Materials – Energy, etc. UEH SHARING – CAREER FAIR 2024 has successfully brought more than 5,000 attractive job opportunities to students and workers in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces through in-person and online recruitment activities. At the same time, candidates had the opportunity to interact, interview, and test themselves with questions and challenges at the business’s recruitment booths, and be provided with information about the job market, career trends, and diverse internship opportunities.

This was one UEH’s effort to promote the network of more than 500 businesses and thousands of successful alumni to help students and workers seize job opportunities at prestigious businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam.

 Students participating in business booths and interviews

Successfully spreading multidisciplinary knowledge for sustainable development 

Under the frame of the event, many multidisciplinary knowledge-spreading activities took place and attracted the attention of many attendees such as the Techshow exhibition introducing new technology products, multidisciplinary seminars, and research projects on sustainable development carried out by UEH in recent times:

+ Public Lecture “Open Innovation – Culture Is Essential For SMEs To Thrive”

+ Human Interaction – Artificial Intelligence – Arttech

+ Voluntary Carbon Market – Opportunities And Challenges For Vietnamese Businesses

+ Digital Competencies For Success For Young Generation Gen Z

+ Goal Management And Sustainable Personal Financial Planning

+ Trends In Ai Application In Business – What Do Students Need To Do To Adapt To The Ai ​​era?”

+ Career Talk “Conquer Success In A Real Working Environment”

+ English Workshop “How To Stand Out And Win The Job Interview”

+ Balancing Physical And Mental Health To Adapt To Digital Life

+ English Workshop “Product Development – Emerging Vital Profession In Tech-Based Economics”

+ English Workshop “Design Your Life Beyond Border”

Diverse seminars for students

Students experiencing at Techshow booths

The UEH SHARING – CAREER FAIR 2024 took place successfully. This is a great effort of UEH in connecting the community of organizations, businesses, and individuals to act together for the goal of sustainable development for education and society, bringing practical values to generations of students today and tomorrow. The success of this series is also the proof that action for education and knowledge is the starting point of a pioneering community acting for the sustainability of the upcoming eras.

Additional photos regarding the program:

The program attracting a lot of attention and participation from many businesses and partners

Booths of businesses participating in recruitment at UEH SHARING – CAREER FAIR 2024

Receiving contribution sheets and gratitude letters to the businesses

The opening ceremony of attaching business nameplates accompanying UEH in the program Community Connection – Spreading Knowledge – Sustainable Action 2024

The presentation “Open Innovation – Culture is essential for SMEs to thrive” by speaker Dr. Christopher Han

Exchange activities and a lucky draw for event attendees

News and photos: Department of Marketing and Communication