The First ArtTech Community In Vietnam – A Review After One Year

27 October, 2023

ArtTech Hub owned by University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has officially been in operation for nearly a year and has initially achieved some positive progress, marking the beginning of the journey of intersection between art and technology at UEH. ArtTech Hub is a place to inspire sustainable development, combining art and technology to solve modern society’s problems and comprehensively improve the quality of life.

ArtTech Hub – First day of establishment

Nearly a year ago, at the launch of ArtTech Hub, on December 4, 2022, Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – President of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) – stated: “In the current context of strong digitalization and globalization, technology, design and art are considered the spearhead for breakthroughs and tools to solve problems of modern society and future cities, towards sustainable development and improving the quality of life.”

In that spirit, UEH officially launched Arttech Hub. This is an international integration platform, creating a network connecting universities, experts, governments, businesses and domestic and international management agencies to jointly develop creative and collaborative activities between art and technology to create changes and inspire art, towards sustainable development.

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh delivering the opening speech at the ArtTech Hub launch program

ArtTech Hub directs its activities around three main functions: R&D, Education, Networking,  specifically:

R&D: Organize scientific conferences, promote research, consulting, and transfer to the community in solving issues related to sustainable development based on ArtTech;

Education: Organize short-term courses and training programs related to ArtTech, digital media, virtual fashion, AR/VR/MR technology, and holographic art;

Networking: Organize ArtTech activities listed as academic exchange and career development towards supporting Startups and SMEs.

ArtTech Hub – Positive progresses

After nearly a year of establishment, ArtTech Hub has made some positive progresses, especially in researching and spreading new knowledge and experiences, pioneering the combination of art and technology; and showing the potential of this field in catching future trends.

One of ArtTech Hub’s most notable activities is the ArtTech Fusion 2022 (ATF22) series: This is a series of 17 in-depth seminars and academic exchanges surrounding issues of sustainability, technology, design, and art. The exhibition combines technology and art with the participation of many prestigious international universities and organizations, a network connecting the community to creative and inspirational artistic activities. This is a large-scale event attracting the participation of universities, researchers and businesses from both domestic and foreign countries. ATF22 has created an international forum to exchange ideas, to share knowledge and to explore the potential of combining art and technology, helping to raise awareness of ArtTech and to create opportunities for communities.

The most special feature of ATF22 is the art exhibition of Korea’s leading art museum Ulsan (UAM) – with the world’s world-famous works by Nam June Paik – the father of video art in the world. These works are only presented in one location in the world during a specific period of time. According to the cooperation between UEH and UAM, the museum has the only exhibition in the world for 3 months at UEH. Sustainable fashion show by Quynh Paris and 3 other world-class domestic designers with the message of sustainable development linked to nature, people and the world of technology, arousing sensuality to inspire and raise awareness to act for sustainability.

Ulsan Museum Exhibition at UEH

The organizing committee and accompanying designers at the Fashion show

The designs being made from recycled fibers from the Fashion show

Regarding R&D, ArtTech Hub has supported interdisciplinary research by connecting with researchers around the world, and is implementing many research projects related to ArtTech listed as VR/AR, Virtual Human, Visual Art, Interactive Art, Digital Art, Metaverse, Sustainable Material, etc.

ArtTech Hub has also organized many training activities listed as the course “Application of virtual reality and augmented reality in design” (August 1 – 30, 2023) in Rome, Italy. This is the first short-term technology course within the framework of cooperation between ArtTech Hub and Pantheon Institute of Technology and Design (Italy). The group of students learned the most modern AR/VR/MR technology that is interesting and useful and had unforgettable experiences in Europe’s Capital of Light.

Instructors at Patheon Institute (Italy) awarding course certificates to students. This certificate bringing many benefits to the current job and career of the students participating in the course.

In order to provide the foundations to master Holography’s breakthrough presentation technology, ArtTech Hub and Kwang Woon University (Korea) have coordinated to organize a short course on Technology Application in Creativity with Holography guided by experienced experts.

“Application of technology in creativity with Holography” Class 

ArtTech Hub has also coordinated with units to organize multidisciplinary courses listed as Motion Graphic and Fashion Stylish to equip students and the creative community with in-depth knowledge and skills about ArtTech.

To date, ArtTech Hub has connected with 20 Universities around the world with arttech-related training fields, 30 domestic and foreign organizations and businesses, and many leading artists in the field. It can be stated that ArtTech Hub’s remarkable progress over the past year has proven the importance and effectiveness of this center in promoting the intersection of art and technology.

Let’s look forward to more exciting events from ArtTech Hub in the near future!

*ArtTech Fusion 2023 (ATF) takes place from October 13 – 15, 2023, at Campuses A, B, V of UEH. ArtTech Fusion 2023 includes 16 exhibitions, 5 seminars, and 1 interactive performance. ArtTech Fusion aims to apply ArtTech as a tool to solve social and professional problems through education and research to contribute to improving the quality of life. At the same time, it is an environment that encourages creative innovation and inspires art towards sustainable action.

News and photos: ArtTech Hub, UEH Department of Marketing and Communication