Launching UEH Community Shop: The First Online Sales Transaction Page For The Community In UEH

7 October, 2022

With the strategy of “Hành động vì một tương lai bền vững” – For a more sustainable future, UEH first launched the UEH Community Shop online sales transaction page with products serving the community and for the community. Here, UEHers can easily find useful economic books as well as creative products, bearing the brand colors of the UEH community. In particular, UEH Community Shop operates with the policy of non-profit sales, the difference between revenue and expenditure will be contributed to the Giving to UEH Fund to reinvest in talent incubation activities and international investment, knowledge dissemination, and sustainable action projects of the school.
Pioneering on a sustainable journey
From the changes in brand identity on the journey of repositioning UEH towards becoming a multi-disciplinary and sustainable university, UEH Community Shop, an online sales site for the community, continues to affirm its modern orientation, association input, and the creative spirit of the school through souvenirs, products from innovative start-up projects; concurrently, showing the completeness, thoughtfulness and science on each book product, textbooks, reference materials and so on.
Dr. Bui Quang Hung – Vice President of UEH – shared: “UEH Community Shop is the University’s next effort in the digitalization journey, with the motto of putting quality first, not only in training and research activities but also in research activities, are also value-added programs, serving the UEHer community in particular and society in general.”
Modern, minimalist interface of UEH Community Shop Website
Products for the community and for the community
With the desire to meet the diverse needs of diverse target groups, UEH Community Shop develops 03 exclusive product groups: UEH Souvenirs, UEH Bookstore and Inno Shop, coordinated and managed by UEH-affiliated Units. Since then, providing hundreds of diversified and quality products bearing UEH’s brand identity to learners, officials, and domestic and foreign organizations, partners and businesses.
Besides the UEH Book product, one UEH strength, providing scientific books, study materials, and reference materials for learning and research, UEH has developed and built UEH Souvenir – Exclusive UEH branded souvenirs. Inspired by UEH brand color system, modern prestigious but equally youthful and eye-catching, the products are diverse in design and color including: tops, hats, card straps, canvas bags, thermos bottles, thermos cups, badges, notebooks, ballpoint pens, etc. Moreover, UEH Souvenir products convey the message of Green living that the school is aiming for “ReThink & Be Green” sustainable in both UEH space and daily life. From there, towards a zero-waste lifestyle, spreading the spirit of environmental protection to the community.
UEH Community Shop offering up to hundreds of diverse and quality products, imbued with UEH’s brand
In parallel, Inno Shop are innovative startup products of students and alumni developed by UEH at UII Innovation Startup Incubator. This is considered as an environment to bring the products of the Startup Incubator closer to users, to listen and to receive feedback to optimize the products as well as to sustainably spread the entrepreneurship spirit to the whole society.
Learn and register to join the startup project at here.
What is more special, the difference between the revenue and expenditure from UEH Souvenir and the revenue from Inno Shop will be contributed to the Giving To UEH Fund – a program that connects individuals and organizations together to fulfill social and community responsibilities for the purpose of Nurturing talents; Reaching the international level; Spread knowledge; Sustainable action. The program is an opportunity for each individual to practice the spirit of sharing, giving and receiving with UEH, in line with UEH’s motto of serving the community in the past time.
With a lot of enthusiasm, the interface of UEH Community Shop is modernly designed, product information is described in detail, intuitively helping customers easily choose the right products. Accompanied by a flexible customer support policy and special incentive programs for loyal customers, the same process of ordering, managing orders, payment, delivery and receipt of goods as well as the standardized information security policies.
UEH believes that with each product that you trust at UEH Community Shop, you have contributed to the action for a comprehensive education, also the starting point of a civilized and pioneering community acting for sustainability in the future. With the criterion of small actions every day – long-term positive impact, UEH Community Shop represents the values ​​that the school wishes to convey: “Unbounded creativity. Empowered futures. Holistic values.” – “Unleash your creativity. Active future. Comprehensive value.”
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News, photos: UEH Department of Student Affairs, UEH Department of Marketing and Communication