More than 4,900 UEH Fresh Graduates Officially Entering the Labor Market, Contributing to Society and Economy

28 March, 2024

From March 19 to 26, 2024, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) solemnly organized a Graduation Ceremony for 4,934 new full-time, 2nd-degree, part-time, and transferred graduates. Through attempts to study, improve professional capacity, master technology and global thinking, UEH new graduates will officially enter the labor market, ready to contribute to society and the economy.

UEH Graduation 2024 is an opportunity for UEH to recognize the efforts and achievements of students in all aspects of learning, scientific research, and training activities during their time at the University. This is also a milestone marking their maturity: finishing their undergraduate studies to conquer their future career path.

UEH Graduation 2024 is honored to have the participation of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong – Chairman of the University Council; Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – University Director; Associate Professor Bui Quang Hung – Deputy Director of the University; Professor Nguyen Khac Quoc Bao – Deputy Director of the University; Dr. Dinh Cong Khai – Deputy Director of the University; Associate Professor  Phan Thi Bich Nguyet – Chairwoman of the Strategy and Policy Advisory Council; Board of Directors of UEH Member Colleges; Professors, Associate Professors, Heads and Deputy Heads of units under UEH and member Colleges. Along with that was the presence of parents, relatives, and friends of the new graduates.

Overview of the UEH Graduation 2024

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – University President – congratulated the new graduates: “After nearly 50 years of construction and development, it can be affirmed that UEH has been excellently and comprehensively implementing the task of training high-quality human resources, serving and dedicating to the country’s economic development. UEH has made many impressive and comprehensive strides and transformations in all aspects: implementing university autonomy with many positive results; innovating and developing advanced programs following the trend of international integration; increasing resources to support the development of scientific research and publications in prestigious international journals, contributing to increasing UEH’s academic reputation; modern facilities; and officially becoming a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University, one of the 7 universities in Vietnam. All of the above-mentioned efforts are aimed at benefitting students to confidently enter the highly competitive labor market, quickly adapting to the domestic and regional markets. Therefore, graduating from a school with a rich tradition, one of the highly prestigious education addresses in economics, management, business, law, technology, and design in the regional market and around the world, new UEH graduates have the right to be proud of the journey they have gone through and can be completely confident about the achievements they have obtained and the knowledge they have been equipped to be ready to conquer an open career path.”

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – University Director – congratulating the new graduates

This year’s graduation ceremony at UEH had 4,934 official new graduates. Among them, there are 3,812 full-time students, 191 transferred students, 259  2nd-degree students, and 672 part-time students. This is also the first year Vinh Long Campus and new programs, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Data Science, have fresh graduates. The new graduates have a learning process full of effort and achieved proud results with 107 students that graduated with high distinction, 2,906 with distinction, and 1,589 with credit degrees. In particular, they all meet the skill requirements as follows:

  • The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3), which is an international certification that evaluates knowledge and ability to use computers, software and the Internet provided by Certiport Computer Testing Organization (USA) with indefinite validity and global recognization.
  • English certificates: TOEIC (2941 students), IELTS (287 students), VPET (19 students), TOEFL iBT (03 students), 2nd Foreign Language (40 students), etc.

Graduation ceremony for new graduates

Sharing his feelings about his time at the university, new graduate Nguyen Anh Phi, K46, School of International Business – Marketing, stated: “The past years have left behind many valuable experiences and lessonsBesides striving to study seriously and make efforts right from the first weeks to acquire knowledge and overcome difficult subjects, at the same time, we also had to “practice growing up”, to know how to think, how to set goals for life and how to achieve those goals. More than 3 years of undergraduate studies for me and many other students have been truly memorable. It would be difficult for each of us to be where we are today without the companionship of the school, lecturers, parents, and friends.”

New graduate Nguyen Anh Phi, K46, School of International Business – Marketing

Congratulations to the 4,934 new students of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City who have officially graduated! From this moment on, you can proudly join the group of more than 250,000 alumni and former students of all levels and generations of UEH, continuing the former generations, joining together, and contributing to the development of the country.

Additional photos regarding the Graduation Ceremony:

News, photos: Department of Undergraduate Training, Department of Marketing and Communication