Launching “Giving to UEH” Periodic Series towards “Action for a Sustainable Future – For a More Sustainable Future”

30 May, 2022

The multidisciplinary and sustainable UEH repositioning strategy for the 2021-2030 period emphasizes UEH’s responsibility in the sustainable development of future generations. With more than 240,000 alumni and 500 organizations and businesses collaborating annually, UEH continues to promote the connection between UEH and UEH-affiliated units in order to effectively mobilize community resources through the UEH Giving Program “For a More Sustainable Future” with periodic and long-term activities including: Monthly E-newsletter series ‘The story of Giving’; Fundraising and saving project every day UEH Giving Tree for the UEHer community; and UEH Giving Day annual networking event for organizations, businesses and communities. This is a key program, part of “Community Connection, Knowledge Spread, Sustainable Action” Chain, an important strategic pillar of UEH.

In recent years, the trend of jointly implementing social responsibility towards sustainable values ​​has become more and more popular. In particular, many organizations, businesses and sponsors in the world and in Vietnam have been paying special attention to investing in knowledge as well as future generations through activities listed as: infrastructure and school equipment, awarding scholarships to support students with learning difficulties, implementing programs to spread knowledge and skills to the community, supporting work administration, digitizing schools, internationalizing teams, incubating wings for startup projects and so on.

04 Giving categories “Action for a Sustainable Future”

“Giving to UEH” Program connects organizations, individuals, and stakeholders (organizations, public and private enterprises, associations, NGOs, universities, research institutes and communities) that together share, mobilize funding and act for a sustainable future towards not only the development of a sustainable university but also a society with a sustainable future. The program includes 4 categories that comprehensively connect material and immaterial resources.

UEH monthly E-newsletter series “The Story of Giving”: Stories of giving and taking, topics that can be shared and spread

Busy lives have resulted in the situation of not having enough time to realize the stories of ‘Give and Take’ presents next to us. It is the story of a excellent student who overcame adversity; the story of a lecturer and his own journey out of his own comfort zone to the world, the efforts to research and spread knowledge, the journey of starting a business with impressive successes besides countless failures or the feelings and actions facing a warming earth.

With the E-new letter ‘The Story of Giving’, UEH, every month, will become a storyteller and connect the community with the empathy and sharing of each individual and organization.

Daily fundraising and saving project “UEH Giving Tree”: UEHer is a pioneer community leading sustainable change

In order to be an intermediary to connect with Organizations, Associations and Enterprises, UEH, not any other unit, must be the best place to connect these own internal resources. More than 800 officials, 800 former officials, 30,000 learners and 240,000 alumni, proudly named UEHer Community, have been accompanying the school in carrying out the mission of action for a sustainable future.

UEH Giving Tree is an internal fundraising project based on an online platform that combines technology. The 70 Giving trees represent UEH’s member Schools, Units, Departments, existing learners and alumni, saving and contributing to the Giving Fund. With the criterion of small actions every day – long-term positive impact, Giving Tree represents the consensus and the pioneering spirit of each UEH student, former learner, lecturer, public official and former official invested for the succeeding generations. The project will be officially announced on May 24, 2022.

Giving Tree Website Interface Image

UEH Giving Day “For a More Sustainable Future”: An annual event that connects individuals and organizations and gives each other opportunities to give and receive in return

In addition to monthly The Story of Giving and saving the daily Giving Tree, UEH Giving Day will be an annual event to look back and follow up on a meaningful spreading journey called “For a More Sustainable Future – Action for a sustainable future”. The event will be an opportunity for UEH, partners and the community to summarize the achievements and persistent efforts of the previous year and share plans and follow up on meaningful Giving actions.

The first Giving Day in 2022 will look back at outstanding numbers that are the results of our efforts in 2021 and share our Giving 2022 activities and events. The event, with the participation and companionship of more than 300 individuals representing UEHer organizations, businesses, associations and communities, will be held in combination with direct exhibitions at Campus B – 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong on May 27, 2022.

Outstanding numbers and results of Giving Program 2021 will be announced at the event

Share together, give together and feel the values ​​that will come. UEH believes that action for education and knowledge will be the starting point of a community pioneering acting for the sustainability of the coming eras. Let UEH be a place for each individual and any organization to pause the life hustle and bustle, listen, share, love and take more responsibilities.

News, photos: UEH Department of Marketing – Communication