UEH College of Economics, Law and Government – Member of a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University

22 April, 2024

As a member of the Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University, UEH College of Economics, Law and Government (UEH-CELG) aims to pursue quality and class in research and international cooperation activities in science and technology. The period 2021 – 2023 recognizes the strong efforts and outstanding achievements of UEH-CELG in connecting with prestigious scholars and leading international experts, and operating academic activities to expand the network of research capacity development for UEH staff in the future.

In order for research activities to reach an international level, UEH-CELG has invited world-renowned and highly influential lecturers and researchers to sign Research Fellow collaboration contracts. Notably, there are Professor John Hey (H-index 44 York University, UK), Professor Almash Heshmati (H-index 58, Jönköping University, Sweden) and Professor Bowen Mc. Beath (H-index 25, Portland State University, USA). These researchers have come to work, advise lecturers and graduate students on research methods and topics, and serve as speakers for CELG’s periodic scientific programs, seminars, international conferences, and reporters for research methods classes. Besides, UEH College of Economics, Law and Government also receives support from other researchers, Associate Professor, Dr. Markus Taussig (Rutgers Business School, USA), to share research experiences and give outline suggestions to graduate students. On average, every week UEH-CELG welcomes 01 researcher to share their expertise in CELGS periodic academic activities. This is a free program, operated to contribute to the academic community by sharing ideas, learning, and updating new research methods around the world.

Associate Professor, Dr. Markus Tausig and his free contributions to the academic community of the UEH College of Economics, Law and Government

In addition, many international researchers were connected and invited to be key speakers at plenary sessions of international conferences hosted by the UEH College of Economics, Law and Government. This is important in increasing the conferences’ reputation, positioning and international reputation. It is worth mentioning the participation of Professor Robert Costanza (Professor of Ecological Economics – Institute for Global Prosperity – University College London) with H-index 142; Professor Almas Heshmati (Professor of Jönköping University, Sweden) with H-index 58. Besides being a speaker at the conference, Professor Almas Heshmati was in charge of the Applied Panel Data Econometrics class for graduate students, the in-depth course in measuring and implementing circular economy for Southeast Asian policymakers. In particular, Professor Almas Heshmati has facilitated excellent research papers at the annual international conference on Economics, Law and Government (ELG 2023) published in a book by Springer with the title “Circular Economy in South and Southeast Asia” and the “Handbook of Measurement, Application and Evaluation of Circular Economy in South and South-East Asia”.

Prof. Almas Heshmati – Jönköping University, Sweden – sharing at the UEH conference

Prof. Robert Costanza – University College London – sharing at the UEH conference

Hosting international conferences

In the field of digital transformation, UEH College of Economics, Law and Government invited Dr. Lesly Goh – Senior Technology Advisor, Former Chief Technology Officer of the World Bank Group. She is a Fulbright Specialist, and Senior Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. In addition, she is a member of the Board of Directors of GovTech Singapore and an Advisor to the Harvard Project on Asian and International Relations (HPAIR). Dr. Lesly Goh has actively contributed to the College of Economics, Law and Government and other units of UEH in building digital skills and strategies for future leaders in the agricultural sector as well as many other fields. Practical topics advised by Dr. Lesly Goh can be mentioned as (i) Integrating digital transformation in the courses of the Agricultural Business program at the School of Economics; (ii) Developing research proposals on Digital Transformation in Agribusiness and the resilience and sustainability of food supply chains. In particular, Dr. Lesly God plays a key role in fostering strategic partnerships with industry and government stakeholders to forge public-private partnerships with UEH leadership. These partnerships are vital in connecting UEH students with relevant industry businesses for internship opportunities and helping young people develop skills ready for the future job market in the digital economy.

Dr. Lesly Goh and consulting activities integrating digital transformation in higher education at UEH College of Economics, Law and Government

In addition to quality partners, UEH College of Economics, Law and Government has expanded its partner network in a diverse direction with many high-quality educational institutions such as Tokyo Keizai University, Queensland University of Technology, Portland University, Khon Kaen University, University Network – SOAS University of London, The Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics – AAERE, The Environment for Development (EfD) Initiative, The Asian Development Bank (ADB), and experts of WorldBank participating in the series of the Fulbright Scholars program.

The College of College of Economics, Law and Government is ready for the journey to develop a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University

With the achievements in the past year, CELG continuously strives and aims to develop into a multidisciplinary and sustainable research organization of international standards, contributing to the overall development of the Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University. In particular, it focuses on well-operated majors based on its strengths in economics, government, public policy, and law, at the same time, enhances its academic reputation and social impacts to promote sustainable development through excellent research and high social impact. With the set goals, CELG will implement the Development Strategy until 2030 including:

Improving academic research capacity, international publications and enhance CELG’s academic reputation, contributing to enhancing UEH’s position in rankings (THE Impact Ranking, QS Asia Ranking, etc.);

Enhancing research capacity to serve policy contributions and social influence to promote sustainable development;

Becoming a leading university in Vietnam in diversifying research methods corresponding to CELG’s programs;

Improving training quality according to international standards through accreditation from reputable international organizations;

Developing and implementing new programs in social sciences, take the lead in developing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs in a sustainable direction, applying technology in training;

Strengthening international cooperation to improve research capacity and increase the exchange of lecturers and learners with leading universities in the world;

Developing and implementing short-term training programs and community activities to actively contribute to the sustainable development of society. The long-term goal is to increase the quality of lecturers and fellows, with many leading researchers in each field.

With its unique role and mission in the multidisciplinary and sustainable development strategy of UEH University, UEH College of Economics, Law and Government understands the importance of connecting with international leading experts for sustainable and classy development. At UEH-CELG, each connected expert is an important starting point for the network of leading experts to constantly expand in number while effectively exploiting this network for continuous growth of member colleges and UEH.

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