UEH College of Technology and Design – A year looking back on the founding mark and operation journey

4 November, 2022

On October 27, 2021, UEH College of Technology and Design (CTD) was born with the mission of training high-quality human resources, promoting international relations, research, consulting and development, transfer of new knowledge in the fields of Mathematics, Statistics, Economic Information Systems, Technology, Computing, Innovation, Architecture, Planning, Multimedia Design for policy makers, management, academia and the business community in the region and around the world. After one year of official operation, CTD has gained impressive achievements, contributing to the overall development of UEH’s strategy of becoming a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University. On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of UEH’s establishment (October 27, 1976 – October 27, 2022), let’s look back at the one-year mark and the operational journey of UEH College of Technology and Design.

Imprints of establishment and operation orientation

In the context of the transformation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the trend of globalization, with the foundation of technology and design, CTD has been and will carry out the mission of transforming education and research activities for a sustainable society through a creative, practical learning environment that inspires students and the community to act together for sustainability. Based on this mission, the activities of CTD’s units are oriented towards 06 core values:

– Innovation: Creating a culture of innovation and creativity, easily adapting to societal changes. Preparing a platform for learners, individuals and related organizations on sustainable development in the local context.

– Interdisciplinary integration: Creating an integrated platform that encourages all individuals and organizations (learners, researchers, officials, employees, domestic and international partners) to share, contribute and act through education, research and co-curricular activities to solve social problems toward the goal of sustainable development.

– Sharing: Developing collaborative relationships and sharing resources and interests of university stakeholders to improve teaching, learning, research, technology application and design.

– Sustainable development: Empowering learners, officials and employees to act for sustainability through quality education, lifelong learning, practical applied learning and integrated research.

– Pioneering: Being a pioneer in innovation in the intersection of science and technology with art.

– Inspiring the arts: Capturing and using artistic values in communication, problem solving, and impacting social change.

The conference announcing the establishment resolution, the decision to appoint the Board of Managers and met with officials and employees of UEH College of Technology and Design

In the first year of operation, UEH College of Technology and Design has made many breakthroughs in attracting international leaders and experts and implementing new training programs in the field of technology and engineering and design in accordance with international standards, as well as research and consulting activities associated with the community and sustainable development.

Notably, on May 12, 2022, UEH University Council and UEH President decided to award the title of Honorary Doctor and invited Dr. Park Young June – Former Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy of Korea to be the Honorary Principal of CTD, and established UEH College of Communication and Design. This is a milestone marking an important step of UEH and CTD in the development strategy for the period 2021-2025, with a vision to 2030.

Awarding the title of Honorary Doctor and inviting Dr. Park Young June – Former Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy of Korea to be the Honorary Principal of CTD

Highlights in training activities

Over the past year, UEH College of Technology and Design has made numerous strides in training activities. For example, the development of new training programs integrating multi-disciplinary, exploiting and applying new technologies in artificial intelligence, data science, human-machine interaction, blockchain technology, big data, etc. in the fields of economics and management. Launching new training programs such as: Digital Communication and Multimedia Design, Technology and Innovation, Architecture and Smart Urban Design, Data Science, etc. which are programs meeting training trends, domestic and international labor demand for science, technology and digital economy.

In addition, the Academy of Technology and Design (ATD) was restructured and developed new short-term training programs in line with the lifelong learning needs of learners in different fields: Data Analysis with Python, Digital Marketing, E-commerce for businesses, Digital transformation for businesses and so on.

CTD having developed new multidisciplinary integrated training programs based on technology and design

Achievements in research and technology transfer

In parallel with training activities, CTD has made significant strides in research and technology transfer activities. In November 2021, CTD cooperated with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City to successfully organize a series of events “National Innovation Start-up Day’” and “Innovation Start-up Week in Ho Chi Minh City” (TECHFES – WHISE 2021). The event introduced and spread CTD’s brand, image and scientific and technological activities to the startup community, science and technology organizations nationwide.

In addition, the CTD Science and Training Council regularly organizes professional activities to exchange and share academic issues among members of the unit listed as: “Application of Math – Statistics in research and training in the fields of economics and technology” (February 2022); “Prospects and trends in Data Analytics – International Workshop Data analytics: Current trends and prospects” (March 2022); “Technology and Design: Transforming for Sustainability” (April 2022) and so on. This series of professional activities has encouraged lecturers, experts, and researchers to step by step develop applied research in the fields of technology and design or workshops, series of seminars with the participation and sharing of experiences of international speakers are also regularly held at CTD.

Successful cooperation in organizing the National Innovation Startup Day and Innovation Startup Week (TECHFES – WHISE 2021)

Efforts to connect the community

Carrying out UEH’s mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the community, CTD has been trying our best to spread knowledge to society. The program “Training knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation” for high-school teachers and students in the Mekong Delta was held in Vinh Long and Dong Thap Provinces. The program has trained nearly 1,000 students with knowledge and methods to realize start-up ideas, spreading the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation to the community.

At the same time, international student exchange activities and business visits are implemented to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience and practice skills to become global citizens. Recently, CTD has implemented 02 international startup project exchange programs with Germany and Singapore. Cooperation signing activities with enterprises were promoted with 23 domestic and international enterprises/groups. In particular, CTD has signed cooperation agreements with foreign universities, implemented cooperation programs in research and training. As a result of the national and international community connection efforts, more than 71 science and community networking activities will be held in December 2022 under the Ready for Next program at UEH.

With the desire to promote the spirit of sustainable action, “UEH Biztech Hackathon” was born to connect students of economics and technology and engineering sectors to solve sustainable development problems through sustainable development, technology solutions, digital solutions transformation. This is a contest with a completely new form, students have an interesting journey of experience while cultivating knowledge, working methods and skills. This is a launching pad for ideas on technological solutions and innovations to be developed long-term and sustainably. In the first season of 2022, the competition attracted more than 200 students from 14 Universities to join together to tackle climate change issues.

The “UEH Biztech Hackathon” contest being a launching pad for ideas on technological solutions and innovation.

Being ready for a multidisciplinary and sustainable university

The achievements in the past journey will be the foundation for UEH College of Technology and Design to develop the strategy “Transforming for Sustainability” under 5 pillars: Training, Scientific Research, International Cooperation, Social Influence Strategy and Operations Management. Oriented by 2030, CTD will become a leading educational, research and consulting institution on design and technology application in design, planning, management and administration in Vietnam and has a good reputation in the field of technology in Southeast Asia region.

These training and research programs will be multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, promoting the application of technology in teaching and learning. Courses are tied to technology, innovation, design and data analysis. Oriented in the near future, CTD will develop training programs to catch up with the explosive and pervasive trends of technology listed as Robots and Artificial Intelligence, Logistics Technology, Financial Technology.

In particular, focusing on building a sustainable learning and research environment “Research for All”. Components of the research ecosystem include lecturers, researchers, research fellows, Graduates and Master students participating in research, consulting and technology transfer activities in the field of science and technology in CTD’s Eco-Studio Lab system. At the same time, UEH University will cooperate with scientists and experts from domestic and international Universities, companies and technology enterprises to spread knowledge, inspire creativity, transfer research, tools, solutions for technology and innovation, to increase flexibility, adaptability, towards a smart life and a sustainable community in the context of a volatile world.

UEH has been through 46 years full of achievements. Entering a new stage with the restructuring strategy to form a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University is an important journey for the development of UEH, a requirement of the global era context is the mission of contributing to human knowledge and UEH’s responsibility to society and the country. Therefore, with the determination and consensus of the entire UEHer, with the important role of UEH Member Colleges, we will work together to achieve the same expectations and results as the previous generations.

News, photos: CTD General Department, UEH Department of Marketing and Communication