Keeping Up With Digital Media Trends, UEH Launching A Podcast Series On Spotify Platform

7 December, 2021

Keeping up with modern digital media trends, with the desire of facilitating the community with the best knowledge and information approaches, UEH officially launched a Podcast series with diverse topics on the Spotify platform – one of the most currently popular and optimal Podcast applications.

Multi-task user trends that allow us to do various tasks and the rise of many audio content platforms ( Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and so on_ has promoted the greater birth of qualified podcast channels and become an indispensable part of digital media. A podcast is defined as a series of sound or digital video files that users are able to download and listen to at anytime.

Which benefits of  of Podcasts are you aware of?

  • Approaching creative ideas in lots of areas: Currently, a number of qualified Podcast channels, diverse topics and areas are possibly economical, marketing knowledge, or simply realistically living skills. You can easily find a Podcast channel matching yourself and filling your missing knowledge blanks.
  • Training imagination and creative minds: When listening to Podcasts, you are approaching different contents and forcing your brain to mind and think of those contents. This stimulates human creativity as well as imagination. Scientific research points out that: the more evolving imagination is, the higher complex-information-memorizing ability becomes. Therefore, you can imagine the contents towards other tendencies when listening to Podcasts to develop your creative capabilities.
  • Multi-tasking work and being time-saving: You can listen to podcasts while moving, relaxing and so on. Podcasts are going to be used as an effectively time-consuming method.

Spotify UEH – Accompanying a diverse-topic Podcast series on spreading knowledge and updating information 

With the benefits of Podcasts, UEH always expects to facilitate the community with the best knowledge and information approaches, especially, current GenZ trends. As a result, UEH implements a diverse-topic Podcast series on Spotify platform – one of the most popular and optimal Podcast applications.

Recently, UEH has introduced a Podcast series “Kiến thức về kinh tế số” (Digital Economics Knowledge) in an article set spreading applicable knowledge from UEH’s scientist team, “Rethink and Be Green” within Living Lab UEH Zero Waste Campus project, and “Phát triển Đại học UEH bền vững” (Developing Sustainable UEH University).

In the upcoming time, UEH is going to focus on developing content that orientates majors for high-school students and shares university-life skills and major knowledge, as well as talks with specialists and on

UEH promises to launch qualified knowledge products to the community via the Spotify application.

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News, photos: Department of Marketing and Communication