Officially operating the Knowledge Warehouse – The electronic information portal to support UEH officials, employees, and students

3 October, 2023

Since October 2023, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) officially has operated the Knowledge Warehouse – An electronic information portal supporting UEH officials, employees, and learners at This is the effort to apply technology to training and management activities, meeting the development requirements of society in the era of digitalization.

As part of the University’s digital transformation strategy, the UEH Knowledge Warehouse  [] is a tool to support officials, employees, and learners (hereinafter users) in searching for information related to most contents, regulations, processes of business and aims to digitize most transactions at UEH (requests, processing, electronic authentication, etc.). In particular, users will easily look up by entering keywords in the Search engine of the Knowledge Warehouse.

The requested content on the Knowledge Warehouse will be processed in the direction of maximizing electronic transactions, integrating with UEH’s existing functional systems (scientific management system, training management, electronic transaction portal). Currently, the categories deployed on the Knowledge Warehouse for officials and employees include Procedures and Policies; Look up and confirm information; Leaves; Teaching management; Examination organization; Communication; UEH Asset Management; UEH Smart electronic office system; Administrative work; Quality assurance and training program development; Scientific management; Tasks of Communist Party; Procedures and management of member colleges; Types of personnel contracts.

In order to improve operational efficiency, the Knowledge Warehouse has been integrated with the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to manage and record user satisfaction with transactions at UEH. Results from the CRM system will be the basis for evaluating service quality and improving activities at the University.

*More detailed information concerning the UEH Knowledge Store can be found at this LINK.

The UEH Knowledge Warehouse is an open system. In addition to providing useful and up-to-date information regularly to functional units, the system allows users to log in to send requests for information that has not been found or inaccurate instructions or suggestions, building better implementation processes, etc. These contents will be a useful source of information to help continuously improve business processes and make the Knowledge Warehouse an important resource in the operation of UEH. In the upcoming time, the University will continue to improve and update the UEH Knowledge Warehouse to realize the goal of modern management through digital operations and storage.

Since 2022, UEH has deployed to learners and partners the UEH Knowledge Warehouse with an integrated multi-channel learner/partner care and management system (CRM), not only improving the quality of the University’s service for learners but also meeting the expectations of a professional, quality environment, contributing to training generations of global UEHers, proactively searching for information, confidently acting, spreading positive values and sustainable development. (see HERE)

In recent years, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh has always pioneered innovation and applied technology to the management and operation process. The birth of the Knowledge Warehouse to serve learners and officials is one of the strong digital transformation activities contributing to the UEH brand with a smart learning and working environment. This is a part of the strategy to gradually make UEH a pioneer in training toward technology application, meeting new requirements of an increasingly integrated labor market./.

News and photos: UEH Department of Marketing and Communication, UEH Department of Human Resources Management