UEH Knowledge Warehouse Officially Integrating The Multi-Channel Partner/Learner Management And Care System – CRM

4 October, 2022

In order to improve the quality of supportive care activities for learners and partners, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has built the UEH Knowledge Warehouse and integrated it with the Multi-channel Partner/Learner Management and Care System (Customer Relationship Management – CRM system). This is a testament to the Universitys efforts to digital information and supportive activities for learners and partners.

UEH Knowledge Warehouse – A place to gather all necessary information

UEH Knowledge Warehouse [https://hotro.ueh.edu.vn/] is a place to gather and store all necessary supporting information related to the learning, living, and research process of UEH students. For example, general information concerning UEH (mission, achievements, culture…); affiliated campuses; staff; information regarding all levels/systems (Regular University, Part-time, Postgraduate…); smart services at UEH; UEH Vinh Long Campus;…

Here, learners can search for information from data directory trees classified by UEH training types. In particular, it is easy to look up information by entering keywords in the search field to filter and find suitable information. In addition, the Knowledge Warehouse also introduces many useful contents listed as Portals, Certificates, and Accounts to support learners. Therefore, learners at UEH will be proactive in finding necessary information quickly on the network environment (internet).

With the digitization of the University’s activities, the Knowledge Warehouse has been directly connected to UEH’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Therefore, learners can use the ‘Request management’ feature on the Knowledge Warehouse to send support requests/questions to functional units at UEH, the system will automatically put information into CRM and transfer it to functional departments to respond to learners according to the committed time, instead of having to meet face-to-face with the functional units to receive supportive information as before. Learners will receive responses from UEH via their personal email.

In particular, the information in the Knowledge Warehouse is always updated regularly, accurately, and timely by UEH Units in the UEH university; consequently, this is a reliable, fast, and effective source of information for all learners in their learning process at UEH.

Management, care, and support system for partners/learners – CRM

Over the past time, UEH has built and officially put into operation a CRM system for managing, caring for, and supporting partners/students for functional units of the university. The launch of CRM aims to improve the quality of support and care for learners, to accompany and to ensure learners have the best experience at UEH.

All channels of receiving information concerning the University (Email, Phone, Social Network, UEH Knowledge Warehouse, UEH student application, in-person at the office …) through the reception focal point which is the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) are integrated into the CRM system. Learners and partners contacting when they need requests or questions from these information channels will automatically be received and assigned to functional units for handling. For each partner/learner’s support request, the system will open a ticket. The entire process of receiving information and processing requests will send notification emails to contacting learners and partners.

The CRM system connects directly with the data of learners, prospective learners, and partners to form a common database throughout UEH. Request and support history from partners/learners from all reception channels are stored centrally to facilitate optimal request handling.

* Process of receiving and processing on CRM:

Step 1: Partner/Learners send requests for support/information answer

Step 2: UEH receives and processes the request

Step 3: UEH feedbacks processing results to partners/learners

Step 4: Partner/Students feedback

Step 5: Partners/Students assess the level of satisfaction

With the utilities on the system, partners/learners can be completely assured because questions will always be received, handled, and responded to quickly and accurately. In addition, in order to improve service quality and listen to suggestions for activities at UEH, each ticket on the system once completed, will have a service quality survey for partners/students to contact rating and feedback system.

Sharing more concerning the goal of building a CRM Integrated Knowledge Warehouse, Dr. Bui Quang Hung – Vice President of UEH – affirmed: “With the motto of taking learners as the center, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City always wants to bring the best experience for learners. The invention of the Knowledge Warehouse integrated with the CRM system of management, care, and support for partners/learners will be a reliable, fast, and effective source of information supporting all learners and partners. This also gives learners the habit of actively seeking information, learning, and practicing integrating technology, aiming to become global citizens in the current digital era. In the upcoming time, UEH will promote the digitization of information and student support activities. This is also a testament to the educational digital transformation efforts that the University has been implementing over the years.”

UEH is a university that pioneers innovation and technology application in the management and operation process in order to improve service quality, care, and support activities for learners, and ensure the needs of learners in the most optimal way. The birth of the Knowledge Warehouse, the CRM system for managing, taking care of and supporting partners/students not only improves the service quality of the University for learners but also meets the expectations of a professional and high-quality environment, contributing to the training of global UEHer generations, actively seeking information, confidently acting, spreading positive values ​​and sustainable development.

News, photos: UEH Department of Student Affairs, UEH Department of Marketing and Communication