UEH brings “Loving Spring” to the disadvantaged

2 February, 2024

On the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2024 and with intention of bringing a Tet of love and happiness to impoverished people, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city (UEH) held a meaningful event called “Loving Spring” – presenting Tet gifts to the needy households of Phong Phu commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. This is part of UEH’s commitments for social responsibility and sustainable development.

The 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development adopted by the member states of United Nation in 2015 (UN, 2015) outlined a shared plan about peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future, the key strategy of which is to fulfill 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this end, universities play a crucial role in promoting and successfully implementing these 17 SDGs.  Not only do universities contribute to education, research for their sustainable development, but each of them has to transform into a sustainable university actively being involved in and addressing regional and global issues, and striving to minimize adverse effects on economy, environment, society, and health when utilizing resources for education and research in different ways to help society shift into a sustainable lifestyle.

Being one of the pioneering universities in Vietnam having pursued the strategy of a multi-disciplinary and sustainable university since 2021, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City has adopted a proper development orientation and approach to become a sustainable university through various activities such as training, research, community link, university operation and management, and especially constant endeavors to foster charitable activities for local communities.  For instance, “Loving Spring” – an annual meaningful program held by the Management Department of “For The Poor” Fund in collaboration with People’s Committee of Phong Phu commune, Binh Chanh District and sponsored by UEH – brought practical values and offered disadvantaged people a warmer Tet.

In continuation of spreading this philanthropic value, this year “Loving Spring” was held on 1st February 2024 at People’s Committee Hall of Phong Phu commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. UEH sponsored 400 Tet gifts, with a total value of 200 million dongs through 3 meaningful programs:

– “New clothes for Tet” program: presenting 200 gifts to children of disadvantaged, near-poor, and poor families.

– “Love sharing” program: presenting 100 gifts to manual laborers who cannot come back their hometowns for Tet holiday.

– 100 gifts presented to near-poor households and those whose family members died of Covid 19.

These activities not only offer the disadvantaged of Phong Phu commune a warm and complete Tet but disseminate a sense of love and community solidarity. We strongly believe that sharing love and giving helping hands will, to some extent, instill happiness to needy lives.

“We believe that, more than anyone else, universities are the central factor connecting all stakeholders in society to together deal with particular problems constantly arising throughout the local development process. “Loving Spring” program sponsored by UEH is one of UEH’s pioneering efforts to better connect with communities with shared ideals. This is the act of a sustainable future.” – Professor Nguyen Dong Phong, President of University Committee of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.

During the past 50-year journey with incredible progress in reliability and academic reputation, UEH always puts emphasis on social responsibility and aims for sustainable development. We are sure that together we will build a society filled with warmth and love, where people can share difficulties and happiness with each other.

Additional photos regarding the event: 

News and photos: Department of Marketing and Communication, UEH Union.