UEH Participating And Co-Organizing The International Conference ICSEVEN 2023 In Hyogy, Japan

6 June, 2023

With a sustainable multidisciplinary development strategy, in 2023, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) participated and co-organized the ICSEVEN 2023 Conference with the Taiwan Association for Academic Innovation (TAAI) in Hyogy, Japan, opening up many opportunities for exchange, cooperation and enhancing the academic prestige of UEH.

ICSEVEN is a long-standing conference organized by the Taiwan Association for Academic Innovation (TAAI) with the aim of creating a forum for scientists, scholars, academics,  researchers and university lecturers to exchange the latest research, technology trends, scientific methods and applied methods in teaching. Over the years, ICSEVEN has proven its position when it has the participation of scholars from many countries discussing many topics related to education, technology, engineering, automation and biomedicine. Especially in 2023, with a sustainable multidisciplinary development strategy, UEH participated and co-organized the ICSEVEN 2023 with the Taiwan Academic Association, opening sections on the fields of Economics, Management, Innovation, Robotics and Automation.

ICSEVEN 2023 received more than 200 research manuscripts from many countries. The conference was accompanied and sponsored by 11 scientific journals in SCIE, Scopus and large publishers as well as prestigious universities such as: Neurocomputing, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Applications of Metal Composites in Batteries, Sensors and Materials, Educational Technology & Society, International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies, Contemporary Management Research, International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, etc., including 4 journals with researchers from UEH as Guest Editors. This can be stated to be an opportunity and forum for researchers to share information and experience, and discuss future cooperation. “Hot” topics also attracted the attention of many researchers, listed as technology applied to management, innovation, and factors that help businesses recover from the pandemic. Under the frame of the conference, activities of learning, exchanging, collaborating and transferring scientific findings also took place.

This year’s ICSEVEN conference has the participation of more than 120 scientists and researchers from 8 countries: USA, Germany, Switzerland, China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia, in an in-person format took place in Hyogy City, Japan, and researchers participating online on the Webex platform.

At the beginning of the Conference, the president of TAAI welcomed and thanked the researchers who brought prestigious research to the conference. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Thanh Trang – Vice Head in charge of UEH College of Business – shared information about the University’s multidisciplinary orientation and sustainable development and thanked TAAI for inviting UEH to accompany organizing the ICSEVEN 2023. Besides, he shared the opportunity for long-term cooperation between the two sides and wished to connect, exchange and cooperate with the scholars participating in the conferences held in UEH as well as teaching and student exchange opportunities.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Thanh Trang and UEH researchers participating in the workshop

The program followed up with 3 research papers from 3 extremely insightful keynote speakers in the fields of engineering and technology. In parallel, there were live and online sections taking place simultaneously in the conference rooms. The second day of the conference was short courses with technologies to help scholars have the opportunity to access new sciences and technologies, thereby applying these technologies to serve research and development. The third day of the seminar was an opportunity for research scholars to have the opportunity to interact while having a short trip to visit Hyogy. The last day of the seminar closed with the participation of sharing information about the next conference that will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Through the ICSEVEN 2023, UEH not only has the opportunity to improve its academic reputation but also opens up new cooperation opportunities with prestigious universities in the world.