UEH Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Information and Technology

19 March, 2022

On the morning of March 15th, 2022, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (UEH) and University of Information and Technology (UIT) – Vietnam National University HCMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the 20222027 period, marking a comprehensive cooperation relationship in the fields of training, scientific research, technology transferring, international relation, and managementtogether upgrading their positions nationally and internationally.

This Signing Ceremony took place in Room A116, University of Information and Technology, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City.

Attending the Signing Ceremony were Assoc. Prof. Vu Duc Lung – Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of UIT Council; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hoang Tu Anh – President of UIT; Dr. Nguyen Luong Thuy Ngan – Vice President, Dr. Nguyen Tan Tran Minh Khang – Vice President, and Heads of UIT Units, Departments/ Functions.

Overview of the Signing Ceremony between UEH and UIT

Delivering a speech at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Su Dinh Thanh – President of UEH expressed his joy and excitement towards the cooperation between UEH and UIT through this sharing: “On behalf of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, we are extremely interested in signing a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding today with University of Information and Technology – Vietnam National University HCMC, this shows steps and the development of the 2 universities matching the tendency of the time. In 2021, UEH carries a process of restructuring as a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University and launching 3 member colleges including College of Technology and Design (CTD). On the basis of promoting the cooperation with partners, especially UIT, we hope that featuring on technology, design, and economics will initiate comprehensive breakthroughs for CTD and UIT in the upcoming time. The cooperation between the 2 universities will open new teaching and learning opportunities listed as student exchange programs, international relations, research, and so on, to together bring practical values to learners and society.”

Prof. Su Dinh Thanh – President of UEH sharing

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hoang Tu Anh – President of UIT remarked: “Interestingly welcome all lecturers from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, approving a cooperative relationship between the 2 universities, I believe this cooperation will be implemented strongly in the upcoming time. All of us know that economics has been a pillar, a foundation of the country during the past time, and currently, information technology has followed economics to be an important field, connecting closely to developing the economy in the 4.0 industrial revolution. For that reason, I believe that the cooperation between those two core and foundation fields will bring us a lot of tasks to do and help us obtain excellent achievements in the upcoming time. On behalf of the Heads of UIT, I wish the cooperation between the 2 universities to succeed greatly and be more and more close-knit to bring practical values to the community. I wish University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City to be a leading institution in the country, the Region, and Asia in the future.”

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hoang Tu Anh – President of UIT remarking

With the spirit of enthusiasm and openness, Heads of UEH and UIT officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 5 years, 2022 – 2027 period.

Representatives of UEH and UIT signed the Memorandum of Understanding

In accordance with the Signing, UEH and UIT will cooperate on the following fields:

Cooperating in training fields throughout affiliating to build and deploy undergraduate/ postgraduate training programs, aiming at approving training credits between the two universities, exchanging students, learners, lecturers, and specialists, collaborating on organizing training, fostering, honing, and advancing the levels of management officials and lecturers, sharing experiences of constructing, launching new training majors, assuring the quality and evaluation of programs, exchanging experiences of the training management job, sharing resources serving for teaching and scientific research.

Cooperating in scientific research: collaborating on building and conducting programs, research projects and plans, hosting and co-hosting national and international scientific conferences and conventions, exchanging databases, materials, collaborating on strengthening scientific research findings transfer, sharing experiences of technology science management business of the two universities.

International relations: organizing working abroad teams to together conduct scientific research and develop training programs and cooperating relationships in the regional university network in accordance with curricula.

Cooperating in the field of university management: exchanging experiences of management activities, building and organizing structures and strategies for developing human resources, sharing experiences of conducting the autonomous and self-responsibility mechanism, attending large programs, events, and activities of two sides.

Representatives of the 2 universities awarding campaign medals

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, one of the national key universities, always inspects signals of the market to make suitable adjustments and innovation to the demands of learners. With THE desire to apply technology to economics majors, UEH hopes the long-term and comprehensive cooperation with University of Information and Technology will bring opportunities to upgrade the studying, learning, and operating effectiveness of UEH, therefore, contributing to the eco-social development of the country in the current age of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

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