UEH and Gyeonggi Housing & Urban Development Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding

26 September, 2023

On September 5, within the framework of a visit to the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) of Gyeonggi Housing & Urban Development Corporation (GH) and Korea University (Korea), UEH and GH officially signed a memorandum of understanding in many fields, especially in design and smart city training. This event marked a new step in promoting cooperation between the university and enterprises, aiming to contribute quality human resources to the development of society.

Attending the Signing Ceremony, the GH delegation was comprised of Mr. Seiyong Kim – General Director; Mr. Jae Guen Kim – CEO Secretary; Mr. Myung Ho Hong – Director of Customer Care Division; Mr. Hangjoon Gio – Director of Smart City Business Division; Mr. Jaeho Park – CEO, International Business Department, Smart Urban Business Division; Mr. Seungsik Kim – Head of International Business, Smart City Business Division.

The Korea University delegation  was comprised ofProfessor. Sung Jin Kang – Faculty of Economics; Mr. Seok Lee – Integrated Master’s and Doctoral Program, Department of Architecture, Urban Planning & Urban Design Laboratory; Ms. Siseon Oh – Master’s Program, Department of Architecture, Urban Planning & Urban Design Laboratory.

On the UEH side, there was the participation of: Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – UEH President; Dr. Dinh Cong Khai – Vice President; MSc. Truong Minh Kiet – Head of Department of Marketing and Communication; Dr. Yi Dong Su – Deputy Dean of School of Media Design, UEH College of Technology and Design; with teachers from UEH College of Technology and Design.

Overview of the signing ceremony

In the spirit of unity, the two sides decided to sign a memorandum of understanding with the following contents:

  1. Training Cooperation: UEH and GH cooperate to establish majors in Smart City and Meta LABS, promoting innovative technology.
  2. Cooperation in Research and Development: UEH and GH work together to solve global challenges while contributing to sustainable development goals through education and research.
  3. Connecting academicians: UEH and GH cooperate to invite academicians and experts to visit and exchange.
  4. Conferences and joint academic activities: UEH and GH jointly organize seminars, conferences, exhibitions, courses and other joint events.

Representatives of UEH and GH signing a memorandum of understanding

Sharing about the cooperation, Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – UEH President – remarked: “UEH appreciates the opportunity to extend cooperation with Gyeonggi Housing & Urban Development Corporation, especially in establishing Smart City and Meta LABS majors and innovative technology. We believe that this partnership will not only contribute to global development goals through scholarship and research but also promote development and open up new opportunities for both sides.”

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh – President of UEH – sharing at the signing ceremony

Mr. Seiyong Kim – General Director of GH shared: “Our company is headquartered in Gyeonggi province (South Korea). This is the most populous province in the country with nearly 14 million people and is currently focusing on using technology and developing smart cities. Therefore, I am very happy to cooperate with UEH – a famous university in Vietnam. I believe that we can contribute the best technology and conditions to the urban design field of both sides.”

Gyeonggi Housing & Urban Development Corporation is a local public enterprise operating for 14 million people in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. GH is also a public service provider that addresses all housing issues for residents of Gyeonggi Province to ensure housing stability and job creation for residents of Gyeonggi Province. In addition, the company serves as the commercial arm of the Gyeonggi local government, helping to promote the sale of goods produced in the province as well as representing the import and export of goods on behalf of local factories.

Korea University, established in 1905, is recognized as one of the oldest, largest and best institutions in Korea, among the top 3 most prestigious universities in this country. Korea University’s reputation for educational quality is assessed based on excellence in teaching, research and contributions to Korean society. KU offers a wide range of courses in arts and sciences as well as in all professional fields.

Mr. Seiyong Kim – General Director of GH – speaking at the signing ceremony

With frank and open sharing and exchange, the discussion and cooperation signing took place effectively, opening up opportunities for deeper cooperation in training and research in the future. We hope that the relationship between UEH and GH will become increasingly better and stronger, helping to develop the process of connection and international cooperation between the two parties in particular and promoting the relationship between Vietnam and Korea in the field of comprehensive education.

Additional photos of the visit and working of the GH and Korea University delegation at UEH:

News, photos: Department of Marketing and Communication, Institute of Smart City and Management, General Department – UEH College of Technology and Design