UEH Organizing The Training Course “Electronic Teaching Design” For 477 Schools With 2,916 Teachers In The Provinces Of The Mekong Delta

4 October, 2022

Continuing to implement the Free Digital Transformation Support Community Project (UEH Global Learning) for schools, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) held a training course Electronic Teaching Design at the end of July, bringing practical support products to high schools to apply information technology in teaching, learning and organizing exams.

On two days July 23rd and July 24th, 2022, UEH organized a training course “Electronic Teaching Design” for more than 2,000 teachers. The goal of the training course is to help teachers understand and use proficiently the model of an E-learning system to support teaching, and a synchronous online teaching tool; developing and implementing asynchronous lectures as well as deploying and handling the results of essay and multiple choice exams fairly and effectively and basic computer-related problems associated with teaching activities. The training program attracted Lecturers – Teachers from 477 schools with 2,916 people in the Mekong Delta Provinces, in which Preschool teachers: 257 people; primary school 589 people; Secondary School; 1,279 people; High school: 787 people; and College-University: 05 people.

Participating in the training course, the lecturers and the teachers were provided with an overview of the Blended Learning model and how to design a SCORM asynchronous lesson and also learned how to build a video course. After that, the teachers also learned the fair and effective online exam process.

With the knowledge provided in the training, teachers can confidently teach online. By combining tools to build video lessons with SCORM-designed lectures, teachers can flexibly use online learning support platforms to serve their teaching activities.

The community project to support free digital transformation – UEH Global Learning aims to share and transfer digital transformation experiences in teaching and learning activities for high schools, especially schools with limited geographical constraints, and difficulties in organizing online teaching and learning. In the upcoming time, the project will be continued by UEH to schools in accordance with the needs of educational institutions in the country.

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