45th Anniversary – Towards Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University

19 October, 2021

October 27, 2021 – The milestone marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment and development of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics (UEH).

Over the past 45 years, UEH has affirmed its position as a key public university on the map of Higher Education in Vietnam, gradually affirming its academic reputation in the world, always pioneering and creative in training, research and social responsibility to the community.

The 45th anniversary event of UEH (October 27, 1976 – October 27, 2021) will be the largest special event in 2021 for all UEHers to share and spread their pride in a 45-year journey of continuous efforts and contributions to the cause of education in the country, socio-economic construction and development of Vietnam, contribute positively to the process of regional and world integration.

Time: 09:00, October 27, 2021


Program content: 

  • Opening ceremony;
  • Statements of UEH Leaders;
  • Statements of senior leaders;
  • Announcement and award of award decisions;
  • Launch of 3 member schools:

UEH Business School

UEH School of Economics, Law and State Management

UEH School of Technology and Design

  • Congratulations to the 45-year-old UEH

Towards Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University;

  • Closing.