Invitation letter to participate in the Student Science Research Festival of Economics – Law – Urban Development 2021 – “Integrated Research – Research for All”

1 July, 2021

Program target
In order to develop a playground for academic exchange, share experiences, new ideas and scientific research results of university students majoring in Economics – Law – Urban Development and find opportunities to practice To carry out integrated studies to solve urban and social problems in the future, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) organized the “Scientific research festival for students majoring in economics – law – urban development 2021: Integrated Research – Research for All”.
Students (and their research instructors) from universities submit papers to participate.
Participation form
Description and accompanying Poster. Essay topic:
  • Economics, Urban Management, Law
  • Finance, Banking, Accounting
  • Business, Commerce, Marketing, Tourism
Benefits of joining
Participants will be published in the Proceedings of the Festival (published with ISBN). In addition, students will be granted a certificate by the Organizing Committee and have the opportunity to be invited to report at the Festival with the participation of mentors who are lecturers from universities. and help students improve the quality of their research papers, and at the same time develop their own research skills.
Description requirements
  1. The festival presentation is the work of the author or group of authors and has not been published in any journals or other publications.
  2. Article title: short, concise, from 10 to 15 words, directly reflecting the content of the article, presented in Vietnamese language, written in CAPITAL, BLOCK, MID-PAGE.
  3. Author information: author’s full name (author group); the university attended and the author’s contact e-mail (representative of the author’s team).
  4. Summary: Briefly write a paragraph (150-200 words) that summarizes the main content of the article and clearly shows the results, contributions, and new points of the article;
  5. Keywords: The author needs to include 3-5 keywords that represent the topic of the article, arranged in alphabetical order;
  6. Main content structure:
– Introduction/ Introduction: It is necessary to specify: The reason for doing the research, the importance of the research topic; Define research problem; The main content that the article focuses on solving;
– Theoretical basis and research methods;
– Results and discussion
– References.
– Language: Vietnamese;
– Length 8 – 15 A4 pages, font: Time New Roman, font size 12; top margin 1.7 cm, bottom margin 1.7 cm, left margin 2.5 cm, right margin 2.0 cm; 1.5 line spacing;
– Number the title in Arabic numerals up to 2 levels (level 1: 2.1., level 2: 2.1.1.). Level 1 headings are italicized and bold. Level 2 headings in italics;
– Display of figures, tables, citations, bibliography, abbreviations, capitalization, date format, number format, currency must be consistent and in accordance with the standards of the organization. scientific articles. Note: Do not use footnotes (Footnote).
Infographic Request 
Students design the content, images, colors and fonts on the poster to best suit the topic, convey and present the main content of the research as best and vividly as possible. Poster Requirements:
Size: 16:9 (horizontal) aspect ratio
Format: .jpg, .png
Image Quality: Full HD, 300ppi,  RGB
The posters will be exhibited online via Facebook channel for 1 week before the official festival date and participate in the “Favorite Poster” Voting Contest with many attractive prizes.
How to submit essay
The author (representative of the author group) submits the article file (.doc or .docx) containing the full content of the article. Name of the presentation file and poster named according to the syntax: Full name – School name – Title of the article, presentation file sent to the Organizing Committee via email:
Deadline for submission of papers and posters: November 10, 2021.
Contact Information 
Ms. Vu Minh Ha (Expert in Department of Science and International Cooperation, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City)
Phone: 028.38274991
Department of Academic Affairs – Scientific Research – International Relations of UEH Union: