Accompanying UEH towards “Community Connectivity – Knowledge Spreading – Sustainable implementation”

16 June, 2021

In recent years, the trend of implementing corporate social responsibility towards the value of sustainable development has become more and more popular, along with the development of society, education has become one of the areas of ​​interest. Various businesses around the world and in Vietnam have implemented investment activities for knowledge as follows: investing in school infrastructure and equipment, spreading knowledge and skills to the community, supporting the community, assisting in school administration, designing practice-oriented curricula, applied researches as well as investing in improving the quality of staff and teaching methods and so on.

With the development strategy to become a multidisciplinary and sustainable UEH University, aiming at the sustainable development of society as a destination, UEH has been promoting activities to connect the university with state agencies, scientists, associations, businesses and the alumni community through “Community Connectivity – Knowledge Spreading – Sustainable implementation” Program to spread knowledge and to bring sustainable values ​​into the community to contribute to the social development.