3. Recruitment brand spreading

21 June, 2021


  • UEH supports enterprises to communicate recruitment activities or recruitment brands (Train Administrator Program, Recruitment batch and so on) to the students and alumni community through UEH communication channels, especially online recruitment activities on UEH Job Portal at https://vieclam.ueh.edu.vn/.
  • This job portal has the same features as a job exchange, where it connects a source of quality candidates with potential data from more than 30,000 current students, as well as a large UEH alumni network, with functions as follows:
  • Posting job vacancies online.
  • Viewing/downloading candidates’ profiles.
  • Interacting with candidates directly on the Portal.
  • Professional team is in charge with willingness to support timely.


  • Enterprises provide information regarding recruitment activities expected to be implemented this year here.
  • UEH and enterprises agree on specific forms of cooperation.
  • UEH supports information communication on appropriate channels in accordance with the practical current situation. 


In accordance with the general benefit package of the program.