System Assurance and Data Security: Safety in Digital Transformation

23 May, 2024

In the flow of the digital revolution, ensuring system and data security is the vital factor of every business!

Information security organizations and experts have issued warnings regarding the risk of increased global cyber attacks by 2024 and using artificial intelligence to access security vulnerabilities. In Vietnam, from late 2023 to early 2024, many serious cyber attacks caused significant losses. The report summarizing the situation of Vietnam Cyber ​​Security in 2023 by Vietnam National Cyber ​​Security Technology Corporation (NCS) recorded 13,900 cyber attacks on organizations in Vietnam in 2023, with the main targets being government agencies, banking systems, financial institutions, industrial systems, and other key systems.

According to Dr. Thai Kim Phung – Vice Principal of UEH College of Technology and Design (CTD) – stated: “Information system is the “heart” and data is the valuable “asset” of every business. Ensuring the system operates stably, flexibly and efficiently is the key to enhancing productivity, improving services, and creating competitive benefits, and ensuring system and data security is a priority. We need to build comprehensive security strategies, train employees in information security, and apply advanced security measures to deal with increasingly complex threats. This is not only the task of the Information Technology department but also the responsibility of business leaders. We need to act now to build an environment of safety, trust and sustainable development in our digital transformation.”

Dr. Thai Kim Phung at the opening of the seminar

With such urgency, the seminar “System Assurance and Data Security: Safety in Digital Transformation” was held on the morning of May 18, 2024 in coordination with University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) and Ho Chi Minh City Union of Business Association (HUBA), attracting nearly 200 guests from businesses, organizations, UEH alumni and students.

Overview of the seminar

Mr. Mamoru Seki – President of AGEST Vietnam Company, a leading expert on cybersecurity in Japan – issued warnings regarding Ransomware, also known as malicious ransomware. Ransomware restricts user access by locking down infected computers or servers or encrypting files, then demanding a ransom payment to get everything back. Additionally, it infects other devices and systems adjacent to the infected device. Currently, Ransomware is considered a cyber security crime market, so the danger has risen to a new level, posing a huge risk to businesses!

Mr. Mamoru Seki issuing warnings about Ransomware

Dr. Vo Van Khang – Vice Chairman of the Southern Information Security Association – also affirm that the damage caused by computer viruses to Vietnamese users in 2023 was 17.3 trillion VND (according to Bkav), and nearly 60 thousand Ransomware attacks targeted Vietnam (Kaspersky). While data is considered the heart of digital transformation and one of the most important resources of the digital economy, currently more than 70% of Vietnamese businesses surveyed showed that their investment in information security has been less than 5% of total investment in information technology!

Dr. Vo Van Khang informing that the current level of investment in information security for businesses being still quite low

Besides, Dr. Ngo Tan Vu Khanh – Director of the Information and Communication Design Technology program and Director of the Information Security program – UEH College of Technology and Design also issued warnings regarding attacking AI systems. Accordingly, computer vision researchers have been trying to prevent attacks designed to disrupt AI systems or exploit vulnerabilities through the AI ​​system itself. By detecting how an AI system operates, hackers can add data that confuses the system (using adversarial patterns and data poisoning), causing it to misidentify. In addition, leading researchers have admitted that they do not have an effective solution to prevent this infestation.

Dr. Ngo Tan Vu Khanh discussing attacks on AI systems by hackers today

It can be stated that organizations and businesses are currently facing many cybersecurity risks. This is not a short-term “war”; therefore, organizations, businesses and individuals must proactively equip themselves with knowledge and be willing to invest in ensuring system and data security – the vital factors in today’s digital economy!

Experts discussing solutions to ensure system and data security

The seminar was a great success, bringing perspectives, knowledge and experience in preventing illegal intrusion, ensuring information technology infrastructure security and data protection for organizations, businesses, individuals. This was also one of the practical activities within the framework of the program “Community Connection – Knowledge Spread – Sustainable Action” implemented by UEH in recent years with the goal of spreading knowledge values ​​to solve social problems for sustainable development.

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