UEH Global Learning Project

Global Learning Project comprises 06 main products as follows: (1) Teaching and learning online; (2) Organizing essay and online multiple-choice tests, (3) Mixing exam questions and paper-based multiple-choice answers, (4) Online high-school graduation exam preparation course, (5) Personality test program, career choice and (6) Admission counseling function. The project was implemented with the desire to share and to transfer digital transformation experiences in teaching and learning activities for high-schools, especially those with geographical limitations besides the difficulties in online teaching and learning.

In 2021, this project, completely free of charge, has transferred to high schools the UEH Global online learning system with the following 3 important features:

(1) UEH Global online teaching platform supports classroom management, learning materials, organization of exams, learning process assessment, exchanges among pupils and learners and so on through this dashboard: https://global.ueh.edu.vn/.

(2) The system of direct interaction among teachers and pupils during the teaching and learning process on the Google Meet platform provided by the school.

(3) Organizing regular and periodical tests in the online form (developing regulations, organizing exam questions, reviewing exams, marking exams and so on in the online form).

UEH has implemented a series of training and transferred to more than 30 high-schools in 13 Provinces of the Mekong Delta.

Further experience related to the project can be achieved at: https://global.ueh.edu.vn/

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