“Talent Development” Scholarship

Creating a better future starts with nurturing today’s young talents. Beyond providing students with exciting learning experiences and career opportunities, UEH empowers every student to discover their passions and to develop their potential, to act for their sustainable growth. To assure that “no one is left behind”, not a single UEH student is denied the opportunity to access UEH comprehensive educational program: “Talent Development” Scholarship recognizes and encourages UEH brightest young talents in their efforts to study, to contribute knowledge so as to solve the complex social problems and to reach new heights as future leaders.

 Each UEH student will be supported in all aspects to access a world-class education through international exchange and study programs, from which he/she will have new experiences, new thinking and be empowered to explore his/her passion and to develop his/her own potential.

“Talent Development” Scholarship is for students with distinctive or excellent academic results, with two levels as follows:

  • Distinctive-level scholarship: Equal to 150% of the value of the full scholarship, equivalent to about 15,000,000 VND/person.
  • Excellent-level scholarship: Equal to 100% of the full scholarship value, equivalent to about 10,000,000 VND/person.

Each year, UEH receives approximately 200 scholarships of all kinds from organizations and businesses, with a total value of nearly 2 billion VND.

In the school-year 2021-02022, UEH continues to call for the support of other units with a value of 5 billion VND.

Creating a better future begins with building and equipping tomorrow’s leaders with omnipotent knowledge. We are committed that every student at UEH always has an actual opportunity to explore new paths, to develop and to shine to his/her full potential.

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2,032,832,916đ đóng góp / 5,000,000,000đ

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