Incubation activities, start-ups and innovation

Promoting the development of Vietnamese innovative start-up ecosystem, UEH performs a pioneering role in improving practical application capacity, igniting creative potential in every person and developing excellent economists – managers for the society.

The establishment of UEH Innovation Institute (UII) has promoted its role in supporting new ideas, innovations and applied research in the economic sector to contribute to the development of the innovative Vietnamese economy.

In 2019, “Incubation Program for Innovation Startups” Program for 20 Projects incubated at UEH Innovation Institute helped project members gain more practical knowledge and experience as well as exchange, learn and expand personal connection network, therefore, improving and developing his/her startup.

Thanks to the connection from UEH Innovation Institute with Innovation Centers of a number of Economic-Technical Universities of Singapore (SUTD, NYP, RP), Indonesia (PMBS), Germany (Leipzig University), students and his/her start-up projects have the opportunity to work and learn the Southeast Asian market with the UEH-partners’ support.

In 2020, experts from universities had the opportunity to work together on Project 2075 of UEH Innovation Institute with the support from Ministry of Science and Technology. The goal was to promote the commercialization of scientific and technological products from the universities and to support applied researches in the economic sector to be transferred to enterprises and corporations.

Also in 2020, Techfest in the Southeast region held at UEH has connected and developed specific resources, forming the leading-edge development regarding the innovation startup ecosystem in the South region and contributing to building national innovation startup ecosystem.

UEH has been constantly making efforts to research, apply, develop and test innovative solutions for the economy, the community and the environment.

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