Accompanying UEH team to reach the international level

UEH, aspired to the academic reputation elevation of Vietnamese higher education on the world map, has been constantly making efforts to create favorable conditions for outstanding lecturers and students to have the opportunity to cultivate and access top knowledge of the world.

The year 2021 will be the opening milestone for UEH restructuring strategy developed into a multidisciplinary and sustainable UEH University. The future UEH University helps promote research and training capacity, meeting the diverse needs of the market with the access to high-class training, research and consulting projects. Developing multidisciplinary universities will facilitate participation in international rankings, raising the position of our Vietnamese higher education on the world map.

UEH, upon implementing this strategy, does wish to receive the companionship and the budget sharing of units and businesses so that the talented lecturers and students from UEH can participate in international seminars and short-term training career programs for professional knowledge improvement in foreign countries.

In 2021 – 2022, UEH calls for businesses and organizations to support 1 billion VND. Together with UEH, the opportunity to give and receive, in line with the motto of serving the community and society with knowledge of UEH in the past time, promises to be sharper in the future.

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