UEH launching a Community Project to support free Digital transformation for High schools

10 August, 2021

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) officially launched a community project to support free digital transformation for high-schools called Global Learning through the dashboard https://global.ueh.edu.vn/.

With the desire to share and to transfer digital transformation experiences in teaching and learning activities for high-schools, especially schools with geographical restrictions and difficulties in implementing online teaching and learning. Global Learning Project with 06 main products as follows: (1) Teaching and learning online; (2) Organizing essay and online multiple-choice tests, (3) Mixing exam questions and paper-based multiple-choice answers, (4) Online high school graduation exam preparation course, (5) Personality test program, career choice and (6) Admission counseling function.

This project is expected to support teachers and high-school pupils in applying information technology to teaching, organizing exams, studying, reviewing and choosing careers besides supporting high-school teachers to organize online classes and pupils with online review courses and career orientation. In this March, UEH officially deployed 4/6 products for teaching, organizing exams and reviewing online and has piloted it at high-schools in Vinh Long Province.

The system is being tested in Vinh Long Province

Sharing regarding the idea of ​​launching the Global Learning online teaching system, Dr. Bui Quang Hung – Vice President of UEH – expressed: “The community project to support free digital transformation for high-schools is part of UEH overall digital transformation strategy, with the desire to join with UEH partners with the purpose of improving digital transformation capacity in the field of education, supporting teachers at high-schools to gradually familiarize themselves with the online teaching and learning environment as well as helping pupils practice online study and review skills since being a pupil.”


Online teaching support for high-school teachersFor online teaching products for high-school teachers, the Global Learning system supports creating courses, teaching online through the available BigBlueButtonBN tool, uploading learning materials or reference materials, organizing online self-study tests, mixing multiple-choice questions with automatic answers, creating surveys, answering forums or questions and advising pupils.In addition, the Global Learning online teaching system also integrates the multiple-choice marking system: https://chamthitracnghiem.ueh.edu.vn/ built by UEH, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. After one pupil completes the test in the form of multiple-choice test on a multiple-choice paper sample using the high-school graduation exam, the teachers use a regular scanner to scan his/her multiple-choice test and upload it to the website, the system will send the results to the teacher’s email. The teacher checks the detailed instructions on how to use the online teaching system here

Online graduation exam preparation course for high-school pupils, especially Grade-12 pupilsIn phase 1, UEH deploys an online high-school graduation exam preparation course for high-school pupils, this product is a data warehouse that integrates all exam questions for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography and Citizenship Education from 2015 to present, integrated with self-grading feature. As a result, pupils in grades 11 and 12 can self-study and self-assess their knowledge level so as to better prepare for the final exam. This is also an opportunity for pupils to gradually familiarize themselves with the online learning and review environment, practice the self-study spirit and being ready for blended-learning classes (those consisting of traditional lessons combined with online classes) in a university environment.

High-school pupils can register and take the mock test online right at https://global.ueh.edu.vn/

The Global Learning online teaching and learning system demonstrates UEH social responsibility in supporting, connecting and spreading knowledge. This is one of the projects in the general digital transformation strategy of UEH University with the desire to work with the university’s partners to improve digital transformation capacity in the field of education, contributing to spreading knowledge in the community.

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