UEH Organizes the International Student Exchange Program at Singapore Management University (SMU)

17 May, 2024

In order to concretize the activities in the MoU between University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) and Singapore Management University (SMU), to create an environment for students to study, practice, and exchange culture between Vietnam and Singapore, and to promote international student exchange activities, from May 5 to 11, 2024, UEH successfully welcomed the union of SMU lecturers and students to study and exchange culture at the Main Campus and Vinh Long Campus.

Implementing the goal of sustainable university development and strengthening cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research, and exchange of lecturers and students with universities around the world, UEH regularly organizes many international student exchange activities. This exchange program between UEH and SMU is an opportunity for students of the two schools to meet, connect, study, and exchange cultures, thereby, developing the initiative, creativity, and confidence of students and, at the same time, promoting and introducing the brand and image of UEH and Vinh Long Campus to international friends.

Welcoming the SingaporeManagement  University International Student Union at UEH main campus and Vinh Long Campus

Coming to the program, SMU students were warmly welcomed by UEH lecturers and students, and participated in classes in the fields of Innovation and Business Administration. Through this, they will gain an overview of Vietnam about its History, Geography, Economic System and Administration, International Relations and Diplomacy, Economic Development and Reform, and Relationship between politics and economics, along with the development of economic policies and their impacts on governance. In the dynamic context of Vietnam, specific applications of AI in marketing, listed as predictive analytics, chatbots, personalization, and recommendation engines were also actively learned and discussed by students: Analysis of how AI affects marketing strategies, evaluating campaigns, conducting case studies for the application of this technology to support data-driven decision making in marketing at Vietnam market. Besides, they would also be introduced to Singaporean culture by a Singaporean speaker compared with Vietnamese culture as well as listening to his interesting sharing about his personal journey when coming to live and work in Vietnam. Thanks to this, the students better understand cultural diversity and how to adapt and respect new cultures.

Introducing the program overview

Students learning the overall Vietnam’s history, Economic System and Administration, International Relations and Diplomacy, Economic Development and Reform

Discussing the topic of AI in Marketing: Insights from Vietnam’s Dynamic Context

A talk by a Singaporean speaker living and working in Vietnam

On May 8 and 9, 2024, the group came to practice at businesses, exchange culture and arts with students at Vinh Long Campus, and learn about culture and specialties of the locality at Cu Lao An Binh, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province.

On May 8, 2024, at the Rice Factory of Phuoc Thanh IV Trading and Production Company Limited, the international students group visited the advanced rice production line, starting from the stage of receiving rice from traders and farmers, then moving through important steps such as rubbing, beating, bagging and transporting. This is a valuable experience, helping them clearly visualize the meticulousness and quintessence of Vietnam’s rice production process.

The group visiting the rice factory of Phuoc Thanh IV Company Limited

On the same evening, the delegation also had a vibrant cultural and artistic exchange, connecting students of Vinh Long Campus with those from Singapore Management University of in the Hall of Campus A. This provided the students with opportunities to share  and confidently communicate about the cultures of both Vietnam and Singapore through music, and at the same time, contribute to promoting their image of active UEH students coming together with international friends.

Overview of the night of cultural and artistic exchange

Mr. Ho Thien Quyen (left) and Ms. Bay Hwee Eng (right) presenting souvenirs to students of Singapore Management University and students of Vinh Long Campus

Cultural performance from the UEH Youth Performing Arts Troupe

Exciting performance by SMU students

UEH lecturers and students and international teachers and students in the cultural and artistic exchange session

On the morning of May 9, 2024, the international student group of Singapore Management University continued to visit the fruit garden and Coco home ecological area – a highlight for the peaceful island in Cu Lao An Binh, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province. They experienced the unique space of a house built from more than 4,000 coconut trees, had the opportunity to learn about traditional countryside features, and immersed themselves in the ancient melodies of amateur music, craft village activities, and typical rural dishes. Especially, enjoying traditional green rice and coconut candy specialties created international students an interesting experience of a long-standing traditional craft that brings both economic benefits and customs and cultural beauties of Vietnamese villages.

The group visiting Cu Lao An Binh, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province

Students observing the process of making green rice

Students presenting final reports

The exchange program between UEH students and international students of Singapore Management University ended successfully, leaving many good impressions on all participating students. This was not only an opportunity for them to learn and experience different fields but also an important bridge contributing to tightening the friendship and cooperation between the two schools. We hope that this exchange trip would retain many memories and open up new opportunities for all students in the future.

The group taking photos at UEH

Additional photos regarding the exchange activities:

Welcoming and learning activities at the main Campus

The students beiung excited to participate in the game

Cultural exchange performances

On-site sightseeing activities at businesses and localities

Summary presentation at the main campus

UEH presenting souvenirs to SMU lecturers and students

News and photos: RMIC, UEH Vinh Long Campus, UEH Marcom