UEH Zero Waste Campus: Summary of “Zero Waste – Hero You” Campaign – Let us Help Mother Nature with Zeen

18 January, 2022

“Zero Waste, Hero You”, affiliated with “UEH Zero Waste Campus” Project, was a campaign aiming to provide green life knowledge, contributing to raising awareness and actions, to students. This Campaign was deployed by Student Communication Group (S Communications) – affiliated to UEH Student Association. During the program, the Campaign has approached more than 100.000 students and 1300 registration forms for challenges, contributing to changing the young’s visions of a green lifestyle, as well as creating opportunities for students to express their ideas and personal perspectives on environmental issues.

What has been done at “Zero Waste, Hero You”?

In the Covid-19 pandemic time, when the whole world is trying to confront unusual modifications of the Covid–19 pandemic, we probably forget the Earth used to be a green entity dying gradually. Day by day, the safety of the Earth is gaining a red-alert level. For that reason, the Student Communication Group (S Communications) – affiliated with the UEH Student Association conducted the “Zero Waste, Hero You” Campaign.

The Campaign opened an ideal space for students to express their perspectives on the green lifestyle, have a more multi-side vision, and independently raise their voice. Through full-time posts, the Campaign has delivered a lot of information and useful knowledge for everybody.

The Campaign was opened with the video clip “Khi những điều dễ thương biến mất” (When cute things disappear) lasting for 2 minutes comprehended what will disappear from us if environmental pollution keeps happening. This has contributed to students’ awareness of the alarming consequences of environmental pollution. Subsequently, there were communication posts listed as “Sống xanh dễ dàng không?” (Is green living easy?) calling everyone to live green together, and a 3R clip to provide information about 3R Method (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle) to the young.

In more than 3 weeks with a total of 10 posts on UEHenter.com fanpage, the Campaign acquired impressive numbers and has spread widely to students with more than 100.000 approaches in total. These posts provided information about the green lifestyle and called for participation in 2 challenge series on the fanpage, receiving and attracting the extremely enthusiastic support of more than 1300 students. Besides, the spread of the Campaign has also covered other fanpages of the UEH Student Association, approaching the vast majority of the young and contributing to creating motivation for them to act for positive changes in the environment.

Comic Challenge & Sharing Day Challenge – Where the young express their personal perspectives

With a mission to create a space for students to be able to better approach the green lifestyle and be confident to express their personal perspectives, the 2 challenge series ended successfully and generated positive impacts on conducting participants. Specifically, in addition to encouraging creativity, Comic Challenge supported the young to reveal their personal awareness of rubbish classifications issues through a lively animation format as well. Following was the Sharing Day Challenge – simply a cozy chat but it was a place for students to convey their personal ideas with the perspective: “In the past, Zero Waste emerged as a movement with waves of buying items as follows: water bottles, straw, canvas, and so on. Therefore, some people suppose that green living is only for the young wanting to “boast” and exists in a short time”. With these 2 challenges, the Campaign has brought understanding and connection between the young together to change for a zero-polluted life.

Ending the challenge time with the enthusiastic support of students, lots of meaningful messages were created and spread. In Challenge 1, Nguyen Ngoc Y Nhi from the class FB006 dubbed the Trash Bin: “Everybody should be self-conscious instead of blaming for habits”. Additionally, Pham Nguyen Tan Dat from the class HM001 sent a message: “If they are our habits, we will correct them” and more and more voices contributed to impacting everybody’s awareness of bad habits gradually affecting our environment severely.

In terms of Challenge 2, students’ exciting discussions and convincing perspectives were raised. Most of them could see that everyone is still superficial with environmental issues, and long-term plans for green living campaigns are relatively limited. For them, affirming “Green living is only for the young wanting to ‘boast” is rather subjective because green living activities are supported by a number of people, including corporates, not just the young. It is creating positive effects on society and the way we maintain “Zero Waste” is not a short-term movement. It is going to spread although it is not as much as the initial time. It is expected that, in the future, we will have more movements towards the environment similar to Zero Waste for us to be capable of joining hands for the environment and our Earth” like how Tran Huyen Tran from the class IN002 shared.

Excellent Selected Names!

The Campaign ended with many meaningful messages. Student ID Numbers would be updated for each eligible participant, and the 3 best participants would be awarded valuable prizes. These 3 prizes were awarded to:

  • First Prize: Tran Huyen Tran, Class IN002, School of Finance
  • Second Prize: Nguyen Ngoc Y Nhi, Class FB006, School of Banking
  • Third Prize: Le Ngoc Quyen, Class MR001, School of International Business – Marketing

These are absolutely worthy prizes for the enthusiastic participation of their persuasive perspectives. We, who attend the campaign, regardless of prizes, are helpful citizens and we are contributing to making our life and the environment more beautiful. Believe it!


Although the “Zero Waste, Hero You” Campaign ended, the consequences of environmental pollution are still existing. Therefore, we do hope that everybody does continue the green lifestyle and together change for the green of the Earth. Let’s follow us to be communicators contributing to spreading useful knowledge and positive messages regarding the environment!