UEH officially transferring the UEH Global online learning system to high-schools across the country for free

6 August, 2021

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) will become a multidisciplinary and sustainable development-oriented university, taking contribution to the sustainable future of the community and the society as the destination. With that desire, UEH officially launched the UEH Global Learning Community Project “Supporting free digital transformation for high schools”. Following the success of phase 1, UEH continues to promote the implementation of phase 2 to support schools to overcome the challenges of online teaching and learning during the Covid-19 season as well as to lay a long-term foundation for the application of information technology, supporting digital transformation for high-schools.

UEH Global – UEH free online learning system for high-schools towards sustainable development

“Supporting free digital transformation for high-schools” Community Project – UEH Global Learning Project is to share and to transfer digital transformation experiences in teaching and learning activities for high-schools, especially those with geographical limitation or difficulties in deploying online teaching and learning. As part of the project, this UEH Global online learning system is completely free of charge for high-schools with the 3 important features as follows:

(1) The UEH Global online teaching platform supports classroom management, learning materials, exam organization, learning process assessment, exchanges between students and students and so on through the following dashboard: https://global.ueh.edu.vn/.

(2) The system of direct interaction among teachers and pupils during the teaching and learning process on the Google Meet platform provided by the school.

(3) Organizing regular and periodical tests in the online form (developing regulations, organizing exam questions, reviewing exams, marking exams and so on in the online form).

UEH Global system is shared based on the currently-used UEH online teaching system, built and operated by UEH in teaching activities for previous years with the total number of 30,000 students per year. For this system, the necessary features for online teaching are almost complete; therefore, UEH wishes to share and transfer it to schools for free in the immediate future in order to solve the teaching challenges with the purpose of overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic and laying a long-term foundation for the effective use of available resources in information technology applications as well as assisting with the digital transformation process acceleration for high-schools towards the sustainable community development.

UEH officially transferring UEH Global online learning system to high-school teachers in Vinh Long Province for free

Free transfer of UEH Global through the training program for high-schools

The 2nd Phase of UEH Global online learning system will first be deployed by UEH and transferred to high-schools in 13 Provinces in the Mekong Delta region and will be proceeded to all high-schools in the whole country with them same interest in sharing experiences in organizing online teaching. The organization of transferring the UEH Global online learning system to schools is methodically implemented by UEH through intensive training programs with detailed instructions for teachers and organizing a support team giving regular consulting support for teachers and students in the process of actual use.

The 2nd Phase of the training program officially took place on the morning of August 30, 2021 with the participation of more than 180 teachers from schools as follows: Vo Van Kiet High School, Pham Hung High School, Hoang Thai High School, Mang Thit High School, Ethnic Boarding High School, Nguyen Hieu Tu High School, Dong Thanh Middle-school and High-school, Tran Dai Nghia High School, Middle-school and High-school Phu Quoi and so on in Vinh Long Province.

The next training sessions will take place on September 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12, 2021 (1 day each) for teachers of the remaining high-schools in Vinh Long Province and those in the Mekong Delta River. The Departments of Education and Training, high-schools and interested teachers can refer to the system content and register for the training at: https://global.ueh.edu.vn/

Teachers participating in the morning training program on August 30, 2021

Teachers participating in the morning training program on August 30, 2021

Dr. Bui Quang Hung – Vice President of UEH – shared: “As one national key public university, UEH has been carrying out the mission of a prestigious, multidisciplinary university, implementing diverse programs. Connecting and supporting the community to work together towards sustainable development, for example, the “Supporting free digital transformation for high-schools” Community Project – UEH Global Learning. This project, within UEH general digital transformation strategy, is a non-profit project aimed at sharing and transferring digital transformation experiences in teaching and learning activities for high schools with the desire to work with UEH partners towards improving digital transformation capacity in the field of education, contributing to spreading knowledge for the sustainable development”.


UEH Global online teaching system in particular and “Supporting free digital transformation for high schools” Community Project – Global Learning in general demonstrate the social responsibility of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (UEH) in supporting, connecting and spreading knowledge. With the desire to develop together, it is hopeful that the project will help high-schools effectively implement online teaching and learning in the current distance; at the same time, accelerating the process of digital transformation and contributing to sustainable development of the community.

Please refer to further details regarding Global Learning Project here.

News, photos: UEH Department of Marketing – Communication.