UEH Completing The Online Exam Model, Ensuring Rigor And Objectivity And Oriented To Be The Main Form Of Testing Activities At UEH

4 October, 2022

Being active in digital transformation, quickly adapting to training requirements in the new context, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) continues to perfect the regulation on organizing the exam in the online form to ensure the rigor, objectivity, and accurate assessment of training quality associated with efficiency in management, and oriented to be the main form of testing at UEH.

Completing the online exam form to orient to become the main testing form at UEH.

Since 2009, UEH started to implement the digitalization process with continuous information systems built to serve teaching, research and administration of the University. Thanks to these efforts, during the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic (2020 – 2021), UEH has proactively adapted and ensured the plan, quality and efficiency in the training work with the fast implementation of online teaching, learning and working based on the university’s existing digital platform.

With the purpose of promoting and maintaining the above positive results, UEH continues to perfect the regulation on organizing the online exam at UEH, evaluation of candidates’ results, and learners at different levels and systems (listed as technical requirements for test-taking and monitoring equipment, regulations on layout of exam space, problem-making process, exam-taking regulations, etc.) to ensure strictness and objectivity, towards comprehensive and effective digital transformation in testing work. With this regulation, UEH will actively plan the exam in the online 

For details, please refer to UEH’s regulations on organization of online exams HERE

Diverse online assessment forms that creates convenience and flexibility for learners

Exam forms and online test technology platforms applied at UEH include LMS online multiple-choice test (LMS-TNOL); Online multiple-choice test on UEH software (TNOL-UEH); Online written test on LMS (LMS-TLOL); Online multiple-choice and written test on LMS (LMS-TNTLOL); Online Inquiry (VDOL); Essay with online presentation (TLTTOL). The process of implementing the online exam organization has close coordination between the units (Department of Scheduling – Testing, Department of Information Technology, Department of Inspectorate, Training Units, Training Management Units, …) in all tasks listed as: Creating exam questions / exam shifts / MS Teams / Allocating, assigning exam officials, invigilators, technical supporters, information receivers, secretaries, leaders on duty, etc.

In particular, UEH’s online exam format is also convenient and flexible for candidates to take the exam. For candidates who do not meet the technical requirements (testing devices, monitoring devices) when taking the online exam remotely, they can register online with the Department of Scheduling – Testing for re-arranging the exam schedule and exam format suitably. Besides, if candidates do not accept their online test results, they can make a request for revision of the exam results within 40 days from the date of the test (the procedure for making the request for revision, marking the revision, and recognition of revision results are carried out in the same way as for direct examination).

Pilot application of new online exam form for the last semester of 2022

The organization of the exam in the online form will be piloted for the last semester of 2022 for the courses as planned by UEH university.

Dr. Bui Quang Hung – Vice President of UEH – shared: “The organization of the exam in the online form at UEH for the last semester of 2022 has been planned with very strict implementation regulations, ensuring efficiency and synchronization, evaluating fairly the quality of the training work of the university. This demonstrates UEHs digital transformation efforts towards a smart university as well as responding to unexpected situations that may arise without affecting teaching and learning.”

By the end of 2020, most of UEH university’s activities from management to teaching and scientific research have been digitally converted; from enrollment, learning process, teaching, research, testing, student and faculty activities management to administrative tools listed as KPI/OKR assessment for officials. Students can also experience the learner care system and perform the school’s public services entirely online. Over the past time, UEH has also reviewed and oriented the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobility, data analysis to optimize resources, etc. to improve digital capacity in accordance with international standards, meeting the increasing management requirements of UEH.

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