Sustainable Finance Institute

15 October, 2021

Being under the supervision of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), up to the present time, Sustainable Finance Institute is the first and only educational institution in Vietnam to conduct consulting, training and research activities on sustainable finance and other related fields. With its vision and mission, Sustainable Finance Institute will contribute to improving the image, leading position and social credibility towards UEH. The establishment of Sustainable Finance Institute aims at the following goals:

  • Disseminating background knowledge on sustainable finance to the public;
  • Formulating and contributing to sustainable finance policies towards 2030 Agenda of the United Nations towards Sustainable Development;
  • Connecting and implementing sustainable finance projects of multilateral NGOs to support the Green Growth Strategy in Vietnam;
  • Connecting financial and sustainable development ‘think tanks’ in the region and around the world, contributing to the diversification of UEH international network;
  • Expanding and strengthening the relationship between UEH and the business community;
  • Providing consulting services in accordance with the requirements of businesses, the government and local authorities;
  • Training a new generation of financial managers and analysts with ESG focus;
  • Researching and applying sustainable finance in capital investment, management and banking risks.


Developing SFI into a leading research, training and consulting unit in Vietnam and the ASEAN region regarding sustainable finance and related fields.


Disseminating knowledge and motivation to practice sustainable finance through the development and implementation of training programs, consulting activities and research projects in an inspiring, open and engaging working environment of like-minded people.

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